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posted by rosehustle1
"I like this view." House detto as he sat a superiore, in alto the roof of Ariel's apartment building. She sat down in the chair beside him and handed him a beer.
"Thanks...I use to always hide on the rooftop at the hospital." He said.
She smiled as she drank some of her own beer.
"Your own hidden sanctuary?"
"Sort of, but I was always found."
"It's chilly tonight... maybe we should have stayed for the 11:15 showing." She detto as she leaned further back into her chair.
"No movie can match this." He detto as he pointed the the lit up skyscrapers and the full moon above.
She turned to look at him. He had a soft smile playing on his lips. He turned his attention away from the skyline and on to her. He took off his blazer and handed it to her.
"Thanks." She detto softly.
"Why did te disappear last night?" She asked him as she handed him a bowl of popcorn. They both had retreated from the roof to her apartment living room.
He propped his foot on superiore, in alto of a cuscino and sighed.
"Wasn't in the mood for rejection."
"You wouldn't have been rejected. I was kind of annoyed da the fact that te were x-raying me with your stare, but I would have heard te out."
He nodded in thanks.
"This is the longest 'outing' I've ever had." He detto as he looked at the clock to find it was 1am.
"It has been kind of endless." She detto with a smirk. He playfully rolled his eyes.
"Would te like to have cena at my place tomorrow, o technically tonight?" He asked her.
"Yes. That would be nice."
The two just smiled at one another for a moment.
"Good...I should probably get going."
She walked him to the door. He leaned in to baciare her on the cheek, unsure of how far she'd let him take things. At the last moment she turned her head so that his lips met hers.
"You tricked me." He detto with a pleased grin on his face. She gently stroked his cheek and then backed away.
"Goodnight, Greg." She detto with a smile.
"Goodnight, Ariel."
posted by peoplesuck
Here are the successivo two pages of the prologue. As always, please review. =)

Cuddy sat at the plaintiffs tavolo twirling a black hair-band between her fingers, the anxiety threatening to overtake her again. For the past two weeks she had been on the verge of snapping. She had not gotten più than two hours of sleep a night and those two hours were filled with terrifying repetitions of what had happened to her. When she was awake she had to battle the flashbacks and anxiety. She had cleaned her house several times and organized all of her things. She had delved into her work as usual, but nothing...
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Uploaded da freakshowcelina // Song: 'A Few Small Brusies' - Maria Mena
house md
Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
house md
season 5
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diagnosis with hostages
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 8

House-so why do I have to do the stupid tests again.....
Wilson-cause Cuddy detto so....
House-she's not my boss like that te know
Wilson-ya I know...but it still might be your kid...
House-so how are things with te and Liz...
Wilson-okay...why do te care...
House-I don't know....just making conversation...
Wilson-you NEVER just make conversation....
House-I really wanted to know if her and te were having sex still....
Wilson-why does that matter if we are o not....
House-so I take it your not....
Wilson-she doesn't want to get pregnant again...
House-you know there are things called...
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posted by huddy_aimee
umm here's part 7...so far it's my favourite chappy...please read and review...im still thriving on my others!!!

It was late afternoon and House was at the helm; the pilot had left them a few hours ago. The sun was sinking dangerously close to the horizon, sending an arancia, arancio haze over the sea and sky. The smells of cooking salmone had engulfed the yacht and surrounding areas.
Cuddy came out a few minuti later and handed House a plate before sitting on a built in bench in the cockpit, carefully placing her cena on her lap.
"We might as well make the most of it, " she said, gazing out at the sunset....
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posted by XhuddyobsessedX
ciao just to tell te everything that's going on...
Kutner has a crush on Cuddy
Gabby is Cuddy's sister
Rob is Gabby's Husband
Skyler is Cuddy's niece...
This should be on FF soon =] so im only gonna post the first 2 chappies here then they'll be on FF...and btw should I continue?

Just stop ok!?
I’m sorry it’s just that I hate when you’re mad!
I’m not mad!
You’re yelling aren’t you!?
Yes but that’s not the point.
Well, you’re mad!!
*a tear rolled down her cheek and blurred her vision*
It blurred her vision...
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posted by huddybuddy17
Chapter 1: Enough is Never Enough
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters of House M.D. All characters/thematic concepts are owned da David puntellare, riva and Co.

The distinct sound of wood courting hardwood resonated throughout House’s once-empty, recluse apartment, the hollow bachelor’s pad that had served as his proscenium stage and knew him all too well. The stage that had tacitly reciprocated a promise: to never leave. Unlike Stacey, his indigenous thigh muscle, and his once “less miserable” outlook on life, his apartment had never negated o forsaken him. In fact, if his apartment walls...
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posted by huddy_aimee
read review and rate!!! thanks for all your precedente commenti and ratings!!!

House was led up inoltrare, avanti da an impatient Lisa Cuddy. The sum was slowly decending out of the sky and Cuddy lay herself down on the warm deck of the yacht. House popped 3 Vicodin and waited for a few minuti for the desired effect before he lowered himself over his lover. She looked at him with passion and lust in her eyes. House felt her avvolgere her legs around his hips, tugging him closer. He allowed his hands to wander over her body before wrapping his arms around her back commence in untying her bikini. She gasped...
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posted by huddy_aimee
AN thanks for all your guys commenti and ratings...i hope te are enjoying this 'series'...please read and review.... PLEASE!!! XD

Cuddy had come into work, early as usual, and she recalled the talk she had, had with Wilson that night regarding the ticket to Greece...


"Hey, I have a ticket to go to Greece, I won't be using it, I can't be bothered going anymore, do te want to go instead?" he had asked.
"I don't know, I have Rachel and the hospital to look after, not to mention, House, with me gone he'd probably raze the building,"
"C'mon, Lisa, when was the last time te went...
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posted by huddysmacked
So this is something I made in Literature class because we're seeing poesia and well, I decided that House deserved and Ode

Magnificent mostra it is
when it's gone I'm sure we'll miss
the joy it's brought da it
But let's not hink about that part,
not yet,
the ending is far.

It's unknown the charm
of that sarcastic ass
who likes to prank
his best friendat times.
But it's a known truth
his attitude is rude
and that we don't mind
his continous snarks.

His beard, his cane
makes him rare,
unique, if I may say.
His eyes are lightning rays
taht allow us to see
the genious and human he is.

Our Amore is devoted
and we trust them
to keep him in shape
and not change his grace.
It unites us fans
the crazy teenage girls
that wouldn't care
to be insulted da
this aroogant man.
posted by peoplesuck
All right here are pages 11-20. Obviously this is a long prologue and as te have probably guessed a long story. This is where we get to the main plot. Please comment. Thank you. =).

“I was actually wondering if te would reconsider my offer for dinner.”
“No,” Cuddy replied still retaining her gentle tone.
She turned on her heel and returned to the tavolo where House, Wilson, and Sarah were still seated. All three of them watched her sit back down curiously.
“Well,” Sarah prompted when Cuddy didn’t say anything.
“He bitched at me about my testimony and asked me if I would reconsider...
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anteprima of House S7E08 over closing credits of "A Pox on Our House" (S7E07). Follow me on Twitter: link
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
season 7
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