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posted by KaterinoulaLove
One of the many, many great things about House is the acerbic, flirtatious relationship between the crippled Dr. Gregory House and his boss, the Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy. We can only assume that having a man like House on your payroll is a constant fuoco alarm of potential malpractice lawsuits and bristling sarcasm, so it's astounding that Cuddy has managed to hold onto her sanity so long. Clad in tight pencil skirts and cleavage-revealing sweaters, Cuddy may be a little on the MILFy side for our usual tastes but age ain't nothing but a number, baby. Her and House have some sort of sexual...
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"You slept with this patient's relative?" Wilson asked incredulously.
House twirled his cane as he continued to stare down at a stain on the floor.
"Yes...The real domanda you're wondering is how in a mental hospital did I pull that off." House detto finally looking up to meet his best friend's gaze.
Wilson shook his head and stood up from the sofa.
"I don't need the logistics...I'm gonna get us some food." He detto as he picked up his cappotto and began walking toward the door.
"You're not even a little curious to why I slept with her o why I liked her at all. I mean, you're usually not shy about...
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posted by cudambercam13
---House sat at his desk. He twirrled his cane, bored. He was so bored he was almost tempted to do his clinic duty. Almost. Instead, he went to Wilson's office. He wanted to talk to someone. Wilson was the only one he could.
---House just entered the office when he realized Wilson was at a meeting in Philadelphia. He punched down on Wilson's scrivania, reception in frustration. He heard something in the scrivania, reception clap open. He opened the bottom scrivania, reception drawer and found a small secret compartment. It was open. House reached in the compartment and pulled out a small box. In the box, a sparkling diamond ring looked up...
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Ok, so first of all, thank te for finding few minuti to read this :)

The first thing I want to say is, that I'm completely disappointed da current state between our fandom.
Many people started bashing each other, others completely went nuts because of the spoilers and everyone has become really inconsiderable.

There are più than 18000 fan around here, some più active than others.
But that means that all those 18000 people can have different opinion.
No person acts and believe the same.

The latest happening really got to me.
I thought we were a nice, tolerant group of fans.
but, I guess I was wrong....
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posted by made_of_awesome
Finally, the 18 ora flight was over. As Cuddy stepped out of the plane,right beside House, who had gotten out of his wheelchair and gotten his cane back, they both saw Wilson, smiling and waving, ready to pick them up.

"Hey, Wilson!" detto Cuddy as she gave him a little hug.

"Hi," Wislon detto back, "how was Singapore?"

"Long story," detto House, "we'll tell te in the car."

"Okay then. Let's get to the baggage claim."

The walk there seemed longer than it should. House and Cuddy were looking for the right words to describe the flight back. Cuddy didn't want Wilson to worry, but House wanted to...
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Im a 15 anno old theater girl. My life coulnt possibly CONTAIN più drama. I used to come here to escape it. not anymore.

When i first joined fanpop, i had no idea about the "community" of people on here. I had never been part of an internet community in my life, and i was absolutley blown away da the generosity, helpfulness, acceptance, kindness and good humor the all users seemed to eminate. I LOVED coming on because if i ever had a question, comment, forum topic, article, pick o anything, i knew it would be viewed with an open mind. No fights, only intelligent discussions about what really...
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posted by vieamemusique
Let me start off da saying that this articolo may offend some thin-skinned people, for which I apologize, but I must get this out of my system – hence the following rant.

I have several Friends who seem to think that House has began the downward spiral that will lead to inevitable episode that marks the jumping of the shark. This is so far away from the truth, I can’t help but laugh at these idiots. One person in particular seems to believe that because HUDDY has been introduced into the mostra (Introduced? Where have these people been for the past three seasons?) the mostra will die. It’s...
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so, guys... While I'm weeping here, tear stained from the STUPID spoilers (and I'm NOT watching the season premiere!!!!)
I decided to post this articolo on here, cause I had it in my scrivania, reception for a while XDDDDD
so, hope te enjoy it XD

Why did the chicken attraversare, croce the road?

House: The chicken crossed the road because it had some weird illness it got while being shipped from Bahamas to US and it messed up it's brain.
Of course, maybe the chicken didn't attraversare, croce the road, maybe I just hallucinated that.

Cuddy: The chicken crossed the road because House didn't want to do his clinic duty and it had to take care...
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posted by livethislifeup
I HATE WRITER'S BLOCK. I hate it period. So, my sincerest apologies for the wait. Also, I didn't feel like Scrivere out the whole titolo thing again. BUT, it is still dedicated to Oldmovie, let it be said. So, here's the third extension. Fourth coming soon. (hopefully) Enjoy.

16 years ago

Hacy_Huddy Era - At Princeton-Plainsbro
Hacy - Last two years
The inseparable had become separable after House took the job at Princeton-Plainsbro. House's attention had been più on work now, than on Stacy.
Although his job hadn't changed, still occupied...
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2:59    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Reporting for duty
2:59    Tom O'Neil: yes, there's a delay. This chat is moderated. We can't let everything fly through at once. sorry
3:00    Tom O'Neil: Hi E
3:00    Tom O'Neil: HI HUGH
3:00    [Comment From Loretta]
Good afternoon, Mr. Laurie ;)
3:00    [Comment From Donna]
hi hugh!
3:00    Tom O'Neil: Are te an ace typist?
3:00    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Hello Hugh! Hope te are well...
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Sorry for the wait, busy-busy-busy. This is part two of the fic. If te didn't catch the first, te can find it here, o on the Huddy Spot. Part three coming soon.

18 years ago

Hacy_Huddy Era - After college
Hacy - First three years
After college, House received a job offer at a hospital in New Jersey. Leaving abruptly and without notice, his parents, especially his father, were outraged. They had repeatedly called him asking about his whereabouts, but he just allowed them to make their phone calls and leave their voicemails. But after a few...
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posted by livethislifeup
"Fifty two weeks out of the year, you're never sick. Three-hundred sixty-five days, and te choose the one where we all have a good chance of dying to be dying even more. Very nice." They just lied together in a corner of the morgue, Cuddy lying nearly flat on the icy linoleum floor with House practically arching over her.
"I don't recall your sarcasm being a treatment to any known disease so far. I'm pretty sure whatever I have doesn't need it either."
"Just shut up." House glared at her as he ran his stethoscope up and down her back, and along her chest. As he did so, she tilted her head at...
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He’s home alone this evening. Wilson is still working, so it’s basically the usual bachelor plan: Chinese take out, some drinks, TV and Vicodin, followed da laying on his sofa for hours, almost falling asleep, but not really.

He’s in the middle of opening a box of noodles, when a knock interrupts him.

“Someone better be dying!” He screams loudly in the direction of the door. He sighs and limps over to his cane, walking over to it. It’s a big surprise to see Cuddy standing there, looking nervous.
House opens the door suspiciously, “What are te doing here?” He asks, realizing...
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“Cameron! I’m bored!” House’s voice bellowed like that of a four anno old child.

“House. I’m busy, as te can see.”

“But Caaaaaameronnnnn, I’m bored. mostra me someone interesting.”

    Cameron glanced across the room as House took a sede, sedile in a sgabello successivo to her. She continued to avvolgere a young man‘s arm with a bandage. “Uh patient on the left came in with a broken wrist and finger.”

“Not interesting.”

“The patient two beds down has a gram stain that shows she’s positive for Syphilis but it doesn’t mostra in her blood work.”

“She. Has. Syphilis....
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posted by livethislifeup
"I'm not going insane--again." House uttered at Wilson defensively. After talking to Cameron, he had immediately returned to his office to confront House. He was now arguing with House while making constant hand gestures at his desk, as House tried ignoring him from the couch.
"I didn't say te were. te were probably mistaken on the name." he stated. He shut his eyes and pressed his fist up against his forehead, attempting to rationalize things.
"You're about to imply it."
"Shut up House."
"Why are te stressed?"
"I'm not stressed. I'm thinking."
"You think I'm right."
"No. I think you're seeing...
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The team jolted in surprise at the sound of the patient files slamming against the tavolo in the silent room.

“Patient- sixteen anno old female with extreme back pain. There isn’t much of a history considering she came her da herself. She also looks a lot like Cuddy, which can be good and bad.”

“House, she was about to be discharged.” Foreman replied. “Why did te admit her?”

“Because I’ve been DYING to kick a romance off with a teenager and I thought this was my perfect chance, especially considering she looks like Cuddy.” House sarcastically replied, topping it off with a...
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Hello my fellow House-loving Fanpoppers!

Recently, fanpop has undergone some mini make-overs, with the introduction of new features such as IM and the risposte section. And fanpop has become a much bigger site, attracting new users and perhaps confusing some of us old-timers! So I thought I would put together a guide to help all Fanpoppers come to grips with everything that goes on in our little fanpop world, specifically focusing on the House MD Spot, because we are one of the biggest, most active spots on fanpop (Muhahahahahaha!)
So, here are some key things on fanpop that I think every Fanpopper...
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posted by cudambercam13
House was sitting in the lobby waiting for Wilson. He was fifteen minuti late. Wilson was never late. House eyed the main entrance waiting for someone to enter. The successivo person that did was Foreman. House limped his way to him. "You seen Wilson?" Foreman looked annoyed at the fact House made a mig deal out of every little thing. "No. He's probably sick if he's not here. Ever think of that?" Foreman walked away as fast as possible in order to avoid telling why HE was late.---House limped to the main desk. "I'm looking for James Wilson, oncology." The woman looked stressed, but she still checked...
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posted by dillyydallyy
Dr. Cuddy was working frivolously on hospital paperwork, making sure the bills were paid, organizing patient files and calculating the cost of attorneys that House was più than happy to utilize. She was just skimming over the latest accusation when the handle twisted with a loud click and heavy footsteps entered the room.

    Without even looking up from the file, Cuddy already knew it was House standing in front of her.

    “No I will not, in any way, shape o form excuse te from clinic work. No, te can not get someone to do it for you, and no, seducing...
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Inspired da Oldmovie from link which is why she gets a spot in the title. ;D
For all of te who are dying to know all the gaps--college, House being hired--even how Wilson came to work with House. How are things incorporated together, to make what we know today?
This is just my opinion through I must say a fairly long fan fiction of how things could've happened. Very small details have been changed to fit the course of the time and events to allow them to make sense. If te want the mechanics on this(actual math, the workings, what happened and when) te can send me a personal message asking....
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