Dr. House - Medical Division Has House ever done something that annoyed you?

ImAnEasel posted on Feb 22, 2016 at 08:42PM
I know House does and says 'offensive' things all the time, but they're just funny. Has he ever done anything that you actually found hard to forgive? Can you think of a time when you thought he went too far? Just curious.

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più di un anno fa misanthrope86 said…
Obviously crashing through Cuddy's house was a dick move. Forgiving that one is kinda impossible...

I was always pretty annoyed at House when he did things that really affected Wilson. Like stealing the oxycontin, not leaving him to grieve for Amber, things like that.
ImAnEasel commented…
Yeah, I hear ya. Especially about Wilson. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa szonana said…
Id say almost killing his patient in season 8 almost at the end of Wilson's cancer arc. No matter how pissed house was, house would have never lost control like that.

David Shore took House out of his regular character three times in the series which im really uncomfortable wiry : Once amber saying House wanted Chase death so he didn't prevent him with the strawberry which he was alergic to, Crashing his car into Cuddy's place and when he almost strangled his patient almost at the end of season 8.

House of the earlier seasons would have never done any of those things.

With Chase he would have gone running to save him or avoid him to eat the thing which made him allergic in the first place especially i always got the Feeling Chase was the one cared the most for.

With the patient he almost strangled. House would have never done anything like that he would have told everything to convince him to live and intimidate him but never getting to the point of almost strangling him.

And his crashing car, well come on he would never do anything which would hurt anyone not intentionally. That was not the House we met in early seasons.
He was very rational and sometimes an arse but he was looking for the truth and had his boundaries, remember he fired the guy who made a woman have polio and cured treated her for that snd said that's even too crazy for me.

·6 mesi fa House_Loner said…
Never Gregory House is like my role model I really belief in everything he stands for. I would really wanna be him in another life 😉 not saying there is a afterlife