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Everybody Cries

An Avidly Obsessed House Fan's Opinion on the Series Finale

Yesterday, I watched the last episode of House, "Everybody Dies", for the secondo time. I obviously tuned in when it first aired back in May, but I couldn't really take it in o register it terribly well through the haze of hysterical tears. And no, that's not a joke.

Watching it for the secondo time, I managed to form a coherent opinion on it. So, here's my summary/opinion on the finale.

We start out with House passed out in an abandoned building successivo to a body. When I watched it for the first time, I immediately freaked...
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House Season 1 Episode 17: Role Model

Full Recap

At a fundraiser for his Presidential run, Senator Gary Wright is overcome da illness and collapses. At the clinic, Volger asks House to give a speech at a pharmaceutical meeting and offers to relieve House of staff-firing duties if he does so. House also has to examine Wright and believes something is up when he shows a lack of reflex. While they wait for the MRIs, House examines a woman who was pregnant and had a miscarriage but claims she hasn't. House orders a brain biopsy but Cuddy overrides him and they put it to Wright, who agrees. The tests...
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