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HTC bacheca

zubairali detto …
htc have taught me a lesson buy a 10$ nokia it will last for a life buy a htc for 300$ it will make your life hell and last for few weeks postato più di un anno fa
zubairali detto …
I am a HTC customer from malaysia, I would like to share my experience with the other branches around the world.
1 I have been threatened
2 scammed
3 insulted
4 bullied
5 broke
6 humiliated
7 almost failed in my final anno in engineering
8 not listened to
9 lied to
and much più all these things are true when I gave my mobile for repair for mic was broken they detto they fixed it and when I received the device cover was broken when dato again they replaced the cover postato più di un anno fa
EliseandAmy detto …
htc's are awesome postato più di un anno fa
EliseandAmy commentato…
they're alright... i prefer blackberry's wot about ne1 else??? più di un anno fa