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Oh boy 20 days?! XD Well, te tell me if I'm making this up to te then *winks winks*

PS I do hope neither Hugh o Lisa read this stuff, but if te do guys, just remember you're just, have been, will always be so amazing together that one can't help but hoping and dreaming and wishing that someday, somewhere, somehow a Amore like this so beautifully messy might indeed exists. It's just a dream. Forgive me for exploiting how wonderful te look to us.

*stops babbling*

-------------------------------------------------- te need a reminder *arches brows micheviously*

There was a moment...
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I'm lazy so I won't post the previously if te don't mind...I bet te remember, and now shall I go swimming? Shall I?! I'll post the successivo one like on Sunday I hope, but geez guys, when all this anxiouness started?! :P Come on...tension never killed anyone :D
LOL, sorry, I know, I'm evil. Hope te like it!

She was surprised herself at how long she was managing to hold his stare this time. It wasn’t like her being this good. She had never been with him. She might have been fooling herself for the latest years but the truth was every time he did it, every time he looked at her the way he was doing...
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Sorry guys, I don't have time to post it all together. I have so many things to take care of today before leaving but here's the first part and I hope you'll like it and we'll check in later for part 2 :) I know....too much suspance, I'm horrible.



No one spoke for a second, but a deep scowl was starting to dig his way through Hugh’s face. So deep Robert wasn’t sure he would be the only one noticing for long.
Katie lowered her eyes and cleared her throat, after a while “Ok…down to work?” she...
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Ok, for the successivo part of this "they" make fun of some of the other celebrities. I have nothing personally against any of the people mentioned, it's just part of the story.
Hope te enjoy!

The seating coordinator escorted Lisa up to the front. She was careful to lift her dress so she didn’t trip and make a mockery of herself. Hugh waited and watched as she walked up.
“What were te thinking trying to sit back there with everyone else?” he spoke low.
“Well, I thought that te were the only one sitting up here.”
“Good god no, how on earth would I make it through the boredom” and he gave...
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