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 God Bless Lisa Edelstein
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This Hugh & Lisa fan art contains pelle, skintone, colore della pelle, la nudità parziale, nudità implicita, nudo colorato, and parziale nudità. There might also be ritratto, headshot, primo piano, and closeup.

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They had a couple più flashes but they tried not to acknowledge it. The rest of the giorno went da pretty fast and they got everything that they needed. Lisa got her bag to go with the outfit that she had chosen and Hugh got some new shoes. They didn’t feel like ordering in o going out for cena so they just went through the McDonald’s drive-thru. Hugh laid out his clothes that he would wear for tomorrow and watched some TV while Lisa just read. She was quite the bookworm. At around 12:00am he decided he should probably get some sleep. So he turned the TV off and went to get a midnight...
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O_O haha that is interesting :D
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Hugh Laurie
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