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la scelta dei fan: None
la scelta dei fan: IshiHime
la scelta dei fan: Ichigo b/c Rukia has changed his world.
la scelta dei fan: If te can't move,I'll fight in your place. If you're in pain,I'll orso your pain
la scelta dei fan: Probably
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LidiaIsabel detto …
"When I closed my eyes, a figure of a woman came into my mind.
She is a little girl with black hair wearing a black kimono.
She has high temper and haughty eyes.
Memories of our days together casual.
Days when we entrust our lives in each other, when balanced our swords.
There is no way to forget it.
I know who this woman.
The memories that were carved deep into the depths of my soul were floating.

―Ichigo Kurosaki (Booklet of the DVD movie - Bleach Fade to Black) postato più di un anno fa
LidiaIsabel commentato…
Now te see, Ichigo knows that woman, dreams of that woman, entrusts his life to that woman, cannot forget that woman, because she is carved deep into his soul<3 più di un anno fa
Soul_Dragneel commentato…
~Beautiful<<333 più di un anno fa
big smile
LidiaIsabel detto …
"(...What a happy expression te have there), he thought as he looked at her peaceful face. He felt deeply that... he was so fortunate to come to Soul Society, that he was so fortunate to have something to protect."

―Ichigo Kurosaki (quote from The Honey Dish Rhapsody) postato più di un anno fa
LidiaIsabel commentato…
The Honey Dish Rhapsody is the first novel of Bleach, written da Tite Kubo & Makoto Matsubara. This is one of the last lines of the book, where Ichigo stares at an asleep Rukia as he feels glad that she's sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza *kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* più di un anno fa
ngok commentato…
wow, where can i read this novel? ^^ più di un anno fa
LidiaIsabel commentato…
link più di un anno fa
LidiaIsabel commentato…
Enjoy! più di un anno fa
big smile
LidiaIsabel detto …
"In the early stage of the manga, I did touch on the two’s relationship but after that I intentionally change the point of view to other characters beside them. But then, it was so nostalgic to dive deeper into these two’s relationship again. While I had fun, I also had a chance to observe them closely. And then once again I was reminded that they’re really a good pair/combo."

―Tite Kubo postato più di un anno fa
LidiaIsabel commentato…
Let's start this mese with a wonderful quote that Sensei detto about Ichigo & Rukia's relationship for Fade to Black novel. So, may we assume that in his eyes, Ichigo and Rukia make a good pairing? xD più di un anno fa