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Doom song hee hee
posted by rainbowmagic12
Hurry! i'll make a new club! (for sonic fans) te can post your characters even if they are not yours! (Example: caramelle the rabbit She is not mine user icon) o if there are yours! (Example: Roxy the bubblegum Bunny Mine not user icon) te dont need to do it as a user icona o a user icona te can do what ever te want with it Well im just gonna skip this part HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI oh sorry
Guide:Use your Character's Belongings/Ownings Age Gender Main Phrase motto (Crush if it has) data of birth Special Phrase And Bio :) I hope the guide helped te i well be putting the same guide up in the club i hope te like it soon i well make it sorry for so much words but im just WIRED to make it it's gonna be so cool! just unisciti it when its made! im sorry to make this its because its just a main Phrase i use to make new club like a shot out its litterly just fine sorry for so much words i just cant stand it!
posted by rainbowmagic12
Yipee! Some of te want to post your irkens om this club Well te can! Like A Icon,Photo o a Picture! yes whatever irken Even if its not irken race A tallest o something? Human hologram and Irken Form Remember To right down the Form/Ownings a sidekick o SIR unit Even if it is an invader o not :)
Best invader zim moments:Im going to throw up!Why does he have to take over the earth so baddly?ARE SNACKS ITS OVER!!!! H-here heres a sandwitch Yeah about it sorry for Leggere so much for the shout out but yeah here te go for a fact... link sorry so much but im just gonna lissen to Boom boom Pow link LIVE grigio, dun