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This Inazuma Eleven foto contains anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

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posted by sakuma
Sakuma: Please enjoy


Natsumi got into a fight and now she is on floor bruised badly.

Natsumi:*Looking up at her opponent who is standing in-front of her* please.... have... mercy.

Gouenji Yuuka looks at Natsumi with a smile and then she spread her arms wide open.

Yuuka:*Moving toward to Nastumi* Let's hug Natsumi-san.

Natsumi:*Makes a terrified face, screaming* NO, NOT ANOTHER HUG, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Toramaru: Tobitaka-san, I met this big tough guy and...
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Burn & Gazel: *Making lunch and watching TV*

TV commercial guy: Hi kids! Are te missing the school's cafeteria food?

Burn: Hell no *Turns off TV*

Commercial guy: *Pops up from under the cucina bench where they're making lunch* Well te should!

Burn & Gazel: *Yell/scream and hug each other* Eeeeewwwwwwww!!! >~< *lets go*

Commercial guy: Cause guess what! Now te can have cafeteria Cibo when ever te want!

Burn: Is it pizza?

Commercial guy: No

Burn: A different kind of pizza?

Commercial guy: NO!!! IT'S NOT PIZZA!

Burn: O~O.....

Commercial guy: Let me introduce te to "Lunch Lady Selects"...
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~Next day, afternoon~

Kazemaru: ciao Shadow? Have te seen Someoka?

Shadow: No. I haven't seen him since breakfast.....

Tsuami: Me either...

Kogure: He could be dead? Ushishishishi~

Endou: who's dead?


Natsumi: Someoka's dead?!?!

Genda: We should hold a funeral for him!

Sakuma: Good idea!

Kazemaru: *Sweatdrops* Guys! te got it all wron-!


Fubuki:...Wha-? o-o

Haruna: Really?

Fudou: HA!! What a loser!..........I still miss Benchina TT^TT

Kidou: Well we should at least have a tomb stone for him?

Hiroto: Yeah!

~One ora later~

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Cloaked figure 1: Welcome everyone!

Cloaked figure 2: te shall never leave!! mwa-ha-ha-ha

Cloaked figure 1: *Takes off mantello and reveals to be Aphrodi* Really..? That's your best opening!?

Cloaked figure 2: *Takes mantello off and reveals to be Tsunami* What? te detto to be scary dude...

Aphrodi: Just forget it te surf bum! On with the show!

Tsunami:........Dude..Th-that was uncalled for..
Fudou: BENCH!


Fudou: BENCH!


Kogure: Will they ever stop?!

Kidou: I seriously doubt it...*sweatdrops*

Genda: *Sighs* Why are we even here again?...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Conner: Yo! We're back!

IE cast: *Sarcasticly* Our lives are now filled with joy....

Sai: The Chazz orders te to be less sarcastic! ^o^

IE cast: *Sweat drops*

Conner: Sai....Why are te pretending to be Chazz Princeton from Yu-Gi-Ho GX? -____-||

Sai: Cause it's fun! ^o^

Conner: Riiiiiigght.....Anyway on to the T & D's from afsha1997.
1). shade, Lead everyone in the chant, "We want food"!
2). william put his comics in the dustbin until successivo part start
3). silvia punch, punzone endou and eric (punch hardly!)

1). sue why are te annoying but funny?...
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Kyle"Last on Total Drama Island,we introduce some of our campers,all 28 of them.14 from the IE and 14 from PK.There were some nice competitors and some weird ones.We showed those guys to their chief who will o might make some good food".winks and laughs a little."So what interesting challenges WILL WE MAKE OUR CAMPERS DO,find it out here on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND".

At the bonfire area some of the campers were talking to each other.
Sue getting very excite "Wow! Tori can't te actually believe were're here together,in this contest".
Tori happily reply back"Yeah,it's great,I hope we will be on the...
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posted by ShadowProve13

IE cast: NOOOOO!!!

Conner: And we got some T & D's for te guys. *Creepy smile*

IE cast: *Shivers*

Sai: Okay, so this batch of T & D's comes from...*drum roll* arham1234.

For Kidou: Do something stupid in front of the crowd.

For Gouenji: Act like a girl

For Fubuki: Put an ice cube down your pants until it melts.

For Kabeyama: Dress up like a girl along with make up and act like a girl for 12 hours.


For Ichnose: What silly name would te give to Rika?

For Fidio: Have te ever felt Jealous for Endou o his team? plain...
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Part12-  the past two years to the present Section 1

Aki: "Ichinose kun!!!" she ran up to him and hugged him, crying. 
Aki: "how are te still alive?"
Domon: "yeah," mostrare a face of disbelief,"your dad detto that te had died at the hospital."
Ichinose: "well it's kind of a long story."
Satsuki: "yeah, a two years long one," she detto with a grin.
Endou thought that he should leave the four to catch up so he got the team back up to practicing.
Endou: "okay minna! Lenshu ne modoro!"
Team: "HAI!!!!"
Aki, Domon, Ichinose, and Satsuki sat down on the sideline bench...
Ichinose: "well it started like this..."...
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Part10- A "goodbye" and a "hello"

How long do te get to enjoy happiness? Years, months, days, minutes? How about friendship o people that te Amore and care about? These things are what everyone should enjoy in their life. They should never regret the past o look toward the future, they should just focus on the present, the gift of life. 

Satsuki had never regretted her past. No, she had always wanted to go back and relive it, but she couldn't. Satsuki had also never looked toward the future. She didn't know what it held, good o bad events. The one thing satsuki did do was focus on the present....
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Part9-the giorno of hissatsu waza's 

The giorno had ended with happiness and laughter. Satsuki hadn't laughed the way she had that giorno in over seven years. She was almost complete, almost. There was one place that she knew, in her heart, would never be complete. The part of fubuki and atsuya. After saying goodnight to Ichinose, Aki, and Domon, Satsuki went up to her room. As she got into her room she turned the light on and went to her closet. Should she get it? After all the years satsuki had left this deep inside her closet, for fear that it would bring back too much pain. That giorno Aki  had told...
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