Inuyasha Inuyasha-Kagome's Child

IndahArifallah posted on Jun 30, 2011 at 07:22PM
In the last chapter, Miroku-Sango have 3 children. Both are lovely twins and a cute boy. But what about Inuyasha-Kagome? I've ever seen Inuyasha-Kagome's child, but that's a random picture and not sure that's Rumiko's sensei works. If Inuyasha-Kagome have a children, how they look like?!

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più di un anno fa IndahArifallah said…
big smile
Cute baby with dog ears!
più di un anno fa Kandrakar said…
That's up to the fans to decide :P I personally wouldn't want a quarter-demon and would prefer it if Kagome and InuYasha doesn't have children... but that's just me ^_^