Inuyasha Make your own Inuyasha Charcter

wolfmaster3000 posted on Sep 02, 2010 at 11:34PM

Can be a Demon or a half demon or human

can be anyclass

State your demons power ( Limit of 5 Spcail powers EX Inuyasha's Wind scar)

State your half Demons powers and weakness's

Include things like




Weapon ( EX Tensaiga )

Stats out 100

and a optinal is a berif Historey or backround sotrey detailed or not doesn't bother me

if we get enough people posting on here I may start an RP :) so be on the look out if your interested

Inuyasha 48 risposte

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più di un anno fa wolfmaster3000 said…
anyone gonna post =/
più di un anno fa girs_cupycake said…
name:tetsuki age:16 half demon girl,half wolve,long silky black hair,tall.Naraku passed threw her villege when she was 3 and killed everyone in sight,except for tetsuki.She's lived on her own ever since then and now seaks revenge!
più di un anno fa animelover159 said…
details:Half demon girl,half jaguar,black hair '5"6
Naraku passed trough her village when she was 3 and only she and her sister escaped
più di un anno fa TPoTFanatic said…
Name: Seteshi Uojima

Age: 13

Looks: Long, black hair. Blue eyes. 5"6

Details: Human girl with extraordinary powers. She can control the five elements - Light, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water.

Weapons: Twin swords, hidden nunchucks

Attacks: Anything that controls the five elements. She can also fly, has inhuman speed, and has the power of becoming invisible for a short period of time.

Special Attacks: Fire Fury (unavoidable fire river drowns the foe in magma). Wind Waves (strong gust of wind (usually to blow away opponents' weapons))).

Special Powers: Heavenly Essence (heals herself and allies). Life Light (returns a dead person/demon to life).

Life Story: Seteshi's mother hated her as a child. Her father loved her, but was never home. On her 5th birthday, her father hadn't returned for a long time, during which her mother tried killing her. Trying to protect herself, Seteshi killed her mother. That was when she discovered her powers. Once she realized what she had done, Seteshi ran away, living on her own for 8 years. When she returns to visit her father and to try and explain what had happened, it turns out that Naraku had wiped out her village. Now she is out for revenge.

Weaknessess: Strong demons (such as Sesshomaru), cute demons (Shippo), nice families in villages (when she crashes at a village, she gets used to the people. When she needs to leave, it's really hard for her to do (she leaves for their safety, knowing Naraku is now after her)).

I might try drawing her. If I do, I'll post it.
più di un anno fa wolfmaster3000 said…
Alright my turn to post :P

Name : Necro

Race : Demon

Age : unkown

Family : Killed by him

height : 7'2

weight : 280

Muscel build : Exterme

Allies : nun

Occupation : Mercanairy for hire

Apperance : he wears a Black sleveeless vest with e Kanji symbol for Beserker on the back he wears normal pants and has no undershit under his vest, he has black hair that come's down to his shoulders his eye's are blood red he is a dark tan.

Necro's powers : he can control both Fire and Darkness to unknown limits he also has Exterme sense's inhanced Durabilty and super Strength as well he is also extermely fast.

Weapon (s) : Necro Carryies two weapons that he can Materlize he calls them soul weapons one is a Gaint sycthe that attacks the soul instead of the pyschail body it also can launch out sickel shaped blasts of darkness. his second weapons is a sword called Murmasa it has the abilty to feed on people's blood and can slice through most metal's including Diamond.

Historey : Necro was part of a Demon race called the beserkers the Beserkers where a Mercanairy Group as well as a "race" of the most blood thirsty demons that spcailized in combat it didn't matter how strong the oppent or how weak they always crushed there oppents ruffly 200 years before the Actual Inuyasha storey line the Beserkers were wiped out by the son of the leader a young Necro , when Necro took them all out he than proceeded to kill his father during his dad's dieing moments he was labbled the perfect combat Machine because of his cold hearted persnally and non careing feature's , during the Inuysha storey line he was hired by Narraku to go out and kill team Inuysha he nearly sucessed but Narrku had tryed to kill him but that well failed miserably Necro is one of slect few that Narraku is afraid of , Necro now is hunting down Narrku while enjoying his fights along the way.

Necro's stat :

strength : 100

speed : 100

Agilty : 70

reflexes : 80

Swordsman ship : 100

Magic :60

Endurance : 99

Durabilty : 99

Stamina : 80

Persnailty : Blood thirsty , sadistic , pyschotic,insane,power hungrey, freindly, nice ( to slecet few ), cold hearted,uncareing.

weakness : stronger demon's, his love and thirst for battle , his thirst for power

The reason why Necro seems OP is because if I do start an RP he's the main Protagnoist

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 Alright my turn to post :P Name : Necro Race : Demon Age : unkown Family : Killed da him h
più di un anno fa wolfmaster3000 said…
this is necro with his sword Murmasa
 this is necro with his sword Murmasa
più di un anno fa IchigoShirosaki said…
name: Soka

age ???

gender: Female

race: wolf demon

family: Kouga- Father(deceased) Ayame- Mother(deceased)

personality: much like Kouga, stuborn and hot headed, has a some what caring side. tends to be irassional

history: she grew up well respected amoungst her tribe, she was strong, graceful and beautiful, her mother was killed by an unknown demon, and ever sense has been hunting down the murder. after her father passed away, she took over as leader of Kouga's wolf tribe and carries his sword and wears mother's fur pelt as good luck. also wears a necklace given to her by her mother.

strengths: exceclent swordsmanship, good hand to hand combat.

weaknesses: few, but her irassonal side nearly gets her killed sometimes.

più di un anno fa DestinyGirl said…
This sounds fun so here we go!:D

Name: Hikari

Age: Unknown, but looks to be around 18 or 19

Gender: Female

Race: A very special human, has priestess-like abilities so she calls herself a priestess

Weapon/Powers: She normally carries around a white bow and white arrows in a black quiver with intricate and ancient symbols embedded into its surface - highlighted in silver. Her powers are just like Kikyo's and Kagome's, she can purify anything and seems to posses powers over light, and...(way later on) can summon her angel wings and be able to fly.

Special Powers: Sacred Arrow, Sacred Barrier, and complete control over the element light.

Description: She has long silver hair with brown eyes and pale skin. She wears a long white dress (as seen below) but has a long red coat to go over it and wears Japanese-styled sandals.

Personality: Very bright, but also quite and observant sometimes and tends to keep calm in dire situations. She likes to be friendly toward others to make them feel more relaxed, but doesn't know what a "friend" is. She fights fiercely to protect the innocent.

Story: Hikari doesn't have any memory of how she came to be, or of her childhood. All she knows is that she woke up one day in a cave-like shrine and the symbol for "Angel" was embedded into her back... and white as snow feathers were all around were she had lain for who knows how long. She now travels around, assisting those in need with her spiritual powers.

 This sounds fun so here we go!:D [b]Name:[/b] Hikari [b]Age:[/b] Unknown, but looks to be around 18
più di un anno fa onix11 said…
Name: Vice

Age: 22

Gender: male

Race: Human

Weapon: A Sai that has a three foot long middle blade and two one foot side blades. This Blade has been blessed and purified by many priest and holy men, said to have been forged with the use of sacred water. On the middle of the blade is written 反り 天使 or Arch Angel.

Powers: No real powers except unnatural reaction time and the ability to travel for many days without stopping.

Personality: He is a lazy person who has a knack for getting into fights. He tends to sleep a lot just because he is lazy. The only thing that really gets him going is a good fight wear he good die.

Appearance: He wears a blue short sleeve shirt that remains open with no under shirt. He wears a tan pair of shorts. He carries around a shoulder page full of various items. He has short brown hair with a scruffy beard. He also has somewhat of a hazed look in his eyes.
più di un anno fa arielle06 said…
Name: Rikarno Yotashi

Age:67 but in appearance he is a 17 year old teenager

Race: half-demon fox but in the full moon full demon

family: killed by his full demon self and Naraku killed his older brother.

Gender: male

Personality: always pranks on other people and tries to get along with hot babes! After a long journey he is always hungry for some meat! And especially loves a good fight!

Mission: to take revenge on Naraku

Life story: when he was 17 his full demon killed his parents on a full moon! He was ashamed of what he had done. He journeyed with his loving big brother, Hessurna to find a better home to live in. But one night Naraku killed his beloved brother. But Rikarno fought back but after the battle Naraku disappeared. He traveled to find Naraku and take revenge.

Weapon: His weapon is a big sword called Franvert which can kill anyone with one slash. And his powerfull claws and fangs.

Attacks: Scar Slash, Shuriken tornado, confusion reflection, and immortal death fire gauze(attacks of the Franvert) Poison bite, life suck, and slavory command(attacks of his fangs) thunder scratch, razor radar,sword claw, and phantom release(attacks of his claws)

Rikarno's stat:





swordsman ship:100






Weaknesses: when he is fighting a hot babe he just stands there and drools, illusions of hot chicks,and his hunger.

Appearance: He wears a red sleevless jacket that remains open with no under shirt. He has short orange hair with fox ears.He wears a pair of pants which is scratched on the right knee and has a hole on the left knee and has a hole at the butt part so he can stick out his fox tail.

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più di un anno fa Hinata-Snow said…
May I go?
Name: Kimiko

Age???(appears to be 20)

Gender: female

Race:water goddess (former)


Personality: aggressive, kind hearted, quick to violence.quiet, quick to argue,knows when to apologize.

Mission:wanders the world in search of meaning.

Bio: was a water goddess presiding over a local village but when a group of men desecrated her shrine, she killed them and left the village. Now she just wanders the world while getting revenge on anyone who slights her. Pervs who touch are killed on the spot.(current toll:20)

Weapon: a sword called Henshin with a blade and hilt that can morph however Kimiko wishes. In other words, you can go from saber to broadsword, or if you need a different grip to slash the enemy, the morphing hilt can give you that grip. And so on.

Powers: is immortal on the full moon, has attacks such as ice spears and drowning bubble, can freeze any part of her body, can travel on land and use her powers on land but prefers water cause it doubles her powers. She also has hypnotic eyes and can summon rainstorms, hail, waterspouts, and the like near big, pure water bodies like lakes, or on the full moon.

Kimiko's stats:

Strength: depends

Speed: 100, always

Agility: 80-100

Reflexes: 70-100




Intellegence:80, always

Weaknesses: new moon, which drains her to the point of being a normal human. Sutras and seals with word "pure earth" on it, earth based holy magic. She also has bad endurance on land.

Appearance: a normal 20 year old woman, with deep blue hair and eyes. Wears her goddess outfit still.

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più di un anno fa smallfish said…
this is necro with his sword Murmasa

più di un anno fa Ecspyred said…
My sister thought of this, not me...So if you don't like it, don't blame me. Blame her!

Name: InuYome
Age: IDK
Weapon: Twin swords

She's actually InuYasha and Kagome's daughter who has black hair but InuYasha's eyes. She's 3/4 human so the only special move she can do is use both of her swords and stretch them out like she's about to fly and run around in circles really fast (almost as fast as her dad) cutting each enemy's head off. She doesn't fight much but often trains before sleeping.
She wears a kimono (i don't know about my sister's idea for her kimono's design) and has a ponytail like Kikyo's and she's barefooted.
She hates being touched but often gets emotional especially if its negative and if you dare wake her up when she's still dreaming, well, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
She can also lift heavy weights. Maybe about 7/8 of Inu's strength and she loves small children but controls her temper when they annoy or touch her. If she runs out of patience, she does a slapping-like gesture than the kid runs away crying.
più di un anno fa Akiko_the_Cagon said…
Name: Ai
Age: 14, but ages slowly, so looks like more of a 6 year old..
D.o.B. October 15,
Race: 1/4 bunny demon
Gender: Female
Personality: even tho she is a quarter of a demon, she can be very silly and kind, but has not much of a patience.. but sometimes, she makes theories of how the world works.
Family: None...
Mission: To survive each day..
Bio: when rejected by the humans and demons, she ran from home, and wandered for ages, now she can be found in small branch tents she makes, and the scent of rose petals she uses to confine herself to the elements.
Powers: Err not many, she can make her scent and trail untrackable.
Weapon: bow and arrow, bow made of white birch bark, her style of throwing stars.
Appearance: Pink and black kimono, long white hair down to her waist, light red eyes, about 3 foot four, 80ish lbs, red ribbon around neck, bunny ears and tail
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più di un anno fa Kat-chan said…
i made an OC way before i say this post but it looks like a good time to go into details. Here we go...

Name:Mizuki Ohtori

Race:Cat demon (full)

Age:over 600 (in demon years,thats only 16)

Family:Chief of the Ohtori clan is her father.Her mother is dead.



Appearance:Short orange dress with a long red over-vest tied together by a red band around her stomach.Red hair and bright green eyes.Black cat ears and a sleek black tail with a bell around it.

Powers:Can transform into a giant man-eating cat(hehe knockoff sesshy).Also, she is sometimes possesed by an evil inner monster thet kills anything in sight.

Weapons:Shi no seishin, a magic sword that contains th spirit once it is unsheathed.Also duel daggers called seikatsu and shi.

History:Grew up spoiled.She was told by her parents that because she was a member of the Ohtori clan,she could beat any demon.Because of this,she went around bragging to stronger demons that she could easily destroy them...and was beaten to near death,until the Tenseiga makes Sesshy save her.She greatfully follows him,trains with him and at one point,tries to help him kill InuYasha(she failed^_^).Eventually, she goes back to her village to find out that her mother had been killed by Naraku for no apparent reason.One day while on one of her killing sprees,she meets a half dog demon named Chinatsu and they team up to stop Naraku.

Miza's stats:










Personality:Usually serious,but sometimes seriously retarded,cold,hatefull,sometimes playfull,rarely smiles and when she does,your in trouble.

Weakness:Sesshomaru,the thought of her mother,her inner merderer

She kind of looks like tis, but with red hair,green eyes and different clothes...maby i'll draw her...
 i made an OC way before i say this post but it looks like a good time to go into details. Here we go.
più di un anno fa crosslove822 said…
big smile
race:half demon
ditales:brown hair in ponytale,5"10,girl,17 years old,tuff,sweet,kind,sereueys.reflecsis:99,­spe­ed:­100­,ag­ila­ty:­100­,en­dri­nds­:99­,da­rbi­lat­:90­(th­ats her wickness)

story:she is an archer and a vary skilled fighter she is an orphine and lives in the forest and is vary distrustful.her demon power is that she can control the wind wich helps with her archery.she has lived in the forest all her life so whenever she meets someone new she never trust them.althought if u gane her trust she is vary sweet and kind so trie NOT to get on her bad side.:D
più di un anno fa kiki2901 said…
Name Kiki. Age 500(that's 15 in demon years). Type half cat. About loves too take baths,lived by her self and always killed deer,never said any thing to anyone,always stares at the moon,when see was born She was sent in the lake,then her dad licked her and went away.she is very sweet to old people...but they always run away.she has black long hair,yellow eyes,has a scar on her back, If i draw a pic then I will put it on here
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più di un anno fa Inuyasha0712 said…
Name:Hatsune Miku (sorry took that from the singer)
Half Demon Half Human
Family: A demon Dad, A human Mom, Konata(sister), Luchia(sister),Kyo(brother), and Hiro(brother)
Look: Long Brown Hair with shiny brown eyes,Height:5 foot 6,tan skin, with super cute rabbit ears
Weapon: A Ribbon
Attack: Ribbon Wave, Pioson Flower, Swirl Cut
What can she do: Refresh and erase people's memories(Great help for Sango and her brother), Fly, Become Invisable, Jump really high, Great Hearing
What she learned that is really important: Create and Destroy Barriers
She kinda looks like the girl below except with bunny ears and brown eyes (sry found this pic on google since i was to lazy to get my pic of wat she really should like and take a pic of it)
 Name:Hatsune Miku (sorry took that from the singer) Age:Unknown Half Demon Half Human Family: A de
più di un anno fa AceDarkwolf17 said…
Name: Kaien Kusaka

Race: Wolf Demon (Full)

Human Appearance: Long white hair, Silver eyes, Thin red lines that descend from eyes, Silver torso armor with a pair of small slim shoulder guards, Black elbow length tekkou on both arms, Black pants, Sliver armor boots, carries Nodachi on back

Demon Appearance: Giant white wolf with the same eye marks

Age: 400

Weapon: Nodachi

- Piercer of Heaven (Nodachi)
- Iron Reaver Soul Stealer (Claws)
- Whip of Light (Fingertips)
- Blood Fang (Blood + Fingers)

Weakness: Humans (A select few)

Life Story: When he was younger, a demon killed his lover and he devoted the rest of his life to killing demons (Full or Half)

Strength: 100

Speed: 100

Agility: 100

Reflexes: 100

Swordsmanship: 100

Magic: 80

Endurance: 90

Intelligence: 100

Durability: 90

Stamina: 95
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più di un anno fa inuyasha15 said…
Name: Serena higurashi

Race: human/half wolf demon

Human appearance: (kagome's appearance)

Demon appearance: only change during the night of the new moon

Age: 15

Weakness: wolf demon (Koga only)

Life story: Kagome's long lost twin sister,their uncle kept abusing serena almost driving her to death but she has a strong will. Serena later joined inuyasha's group but when inuyasha's group runs into koga, koga starts to fall for her and serena couldn't help but being shy around koga. (serena ends up going with koga's group)


Strength: 100

Endurance: 90

Intelligence: 100

Durability: 90

Stamina: 95

powers: priestess powers, and wolf demon powers (when she transforms)
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 Name: Serena higurashi Race: human/half lupo demon Human appearance: (kagome's appearance) D
più di un anno fa kagomekitten18 said…
cat demon female
age human19 demon103
looks long purple hair keeps down with black streaks going through pale skin and blood red eyes
weapon katana swords
attack for weapon iron slash it slashes through even the toughest armor.
attack song of sorrow it can control people
clothes blue kimono
weakness sesshomaru kagome's arrows shippo's cuteness and memories
story her family was killed when she was a child only one survived because she was away when it happened it was her older sister Naomi even though they hated each other they were sisterly to each other on Natsuki's 17nth birthday naraku came and killed her sister and from then on she worked for naraku controlling people so it would listen to naraku for as long as he needed it when he was done with them they killed it Natsuki always hated humans and is a lot like sesshomaru when she was 18 she got away from naraku and ended up with sesshomaru he later got rid of her when she was 19she moved to a village with other cat demons and went along helping people while trying not to remember her family and shikon hunting while she was traveling she ran into the inugroup and nearly got killed and she got hypnotized by shippo's cuteness and then went back to the village got married and had children now she and her family continue helping people and shard hunting and the memories no longer bother her. her sister husband and daughter look's like this.
her daughter has red hair.
her husband has silver hair.
her sister has purple hair
she look's like this.
 name:Natsuki cat demon female age human19 demon103 looks long purple hair keeps down with black strea
più di un anno fa littleangel11 said…
name yuka
family father unknown mother unknown all she knows is that she is a demon slayer
weapon twin daggers she named them yua and yuo
looks brown hair blue eyes
race human demon slayer
weaknesses naraku
srongnesses love sesshomaru
age 20
story when she was 14 years old she lived in the western lands
lord sesshomaru was at there village picking the best slayers to come be a guard at his castle i was one of them
when i got there i was amazed i never saw anything more beautiful than this i never saw the castle i always sent a messenger when i would tell him 16 today and im going to lord sesshomaru's study he said he wanted to talk to me im in his study and he told me he loved me i told him i loved him too witch was not a lie. im 18 and im marred/mated to sesshomaru we've been mates for 2 years and i never stopped loving now 20 and i have had a child his name is yuji naraku is attacking the castle and im sitting here writing in this book i should be out there helping him but he told me to stay here so i am i smell smoke now and looked out the door its a fire i grabbed yuji and ran never looking back then my legs started to feel hot i looked down and my legs were on fire but i just kept running hoping to save my son but then the flames were to strong i knew i would die in a matter of seconds but i did not give up but then i collapsed my last words were to my son and they were "im sorry i failed you."
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 name yuka family father unknown mother unknown all she knows is that she is a demon slayer weapon twi
più di un anno fa littleangel11 said…
name Sorina
age 500 (15)
family mom kagome dad sesshomaru sister kiniko
weapons sikonotsu(her sword) and kadoso(her bow and arrows) long red eyes golden clothes silk white kimono
race dog demon (full) and priestess
story people say im a full demon because of my moms power others say im a demon that's supposed to be hanyou and others think im cursed
well im a killing perfection just like my dad and i act just like my dad the only thing telling the difference is our hair and height
my name is sorina and my nickname outside of home is priestess from hell my nickname in the house is Rina im 15 years old and heir to the western lands and i hate my sister kiniko she thinks she's so perfect because mom pays more attention to her but dad never does he is always with day i was walking through the halls with my sword sikonotsu then my sister popped out of no where holding her dagger to my throught she asked me if i had any last words and i said yes tell my mother and father i love them" then i died i found out i was in hell and i thought "how ironic now i am a priestess in hell"
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 name Sorina age 500 (15) family mom kagome dad sesshomaru sister kiniko weapons sikonotsu(her sword)
più di un anno fa littleangel11 said…
name Yadona(priestess)
race human princess
family father Qyes(lord of the north) mother sable(lady of the north) half sister Samara(demon slayer princess)
looks brown hair blue eyes
attacks whirl of wonders,dark of light,
what attacks do wow(whirl of wonders)makes a whirlwind around who ever she wants. dol (dark of light)makes a gigantic black flame around anyone and it poisons them.
 name Yadona(priestess) race human princess family father Qyes(lord of the north) mother sable(lady
più di un anno fa Tenten110 said…
Muahahahaha, mine comes now >D

Name: Hina Kagiyama
Race: Goddes (Curse Goddes)
Age: At least over 2000 years old.
Gender: Female
Family: She already forgot about her family.
Relationships: None. Not needed she says.
Location: In the Great Youkai Forest
Aquamarine hair and eyes. Her hair is decorated with very frilly red bows (the frills are white), and part of her hair is tied under her chin with a bow. Her dress is red with white frills on the bottom and an enormous white kerchief on top; the bottom also has a medium aquamarine swirl resembling the "厄" (misfortune) kanji at the bottom.

She can curse the hell out of you. She has over a million of different 'misfortune' curses. But she also can use a ton of 'dark' curses. She creates glowing lights while spinning around fast. (REAL fast) Touch one of them and you are hurt a bit. She can create different lights (different shapes ya kno) and she has no problem in creating a bunch of them. When she does this it is impossible to get near her. She can fight with hands and so on as well. Also she has invisible hands. More likely - claws. She can multiply them as much as she wants. Also; She can turn back time.

Weakness: She seems to like Naraku and Sesshoumaru. Also: When she is spinning (creating her lights, bullets) you have a slight chance to get near her. But not if she is creating tons of them.

Strength: In her 2000 years she has gathered much strength. She is extremely powerful in every edge.

She sometimes enters hell to see the hell flowers. She kind of likes them. Same goes for water. Even better - a bog. In the 'The Great Youkai Forest' is a big bog. The Great Youkai Forest is big. Really big. Hina can survive anything.
 Muahahahaha, mine comes now >D Name: Hina Kagiyama Race: Goddes (Curse Goddes) Age: At least over 20
più di un anno fa Eris24 said…
I am doing two me and my little sis
Me first
Name: Shaunee Andrews/Demon Name: Lady Bat

Name meaning: firsts: morning, nightmare nexts: glory, vampire


Race: half demon and human

Demon powers:I have the same powers as naraku but I also have wings and can sing to make people to fall a sleep

Siblings: my little sister Yuri

Talents: Athletics, Singing, and gymnastics

Skills: flexible, and fast

Family: mom died dad died little sis yuri

Clothes: I wear mostly dress that are the color of red or black

Appearance: short brown hair with blonde highlights and is to my shoulders, hazel eyes, and a fair skin tone

Demon appearance: long black hair in a ponytail, lavender eyes with small puples, and pale skin tone

Demon clothes: a gray ruffled shirt, a weird red belt, short skirt that is purple, and bat wings that are the color of magenta

Location: castle of music and darkness

Other stuff: me and my little sis are rolaty I can control darkness the most and some music and she cand control some darkness and most music

Weakness: naraku (I love him and admire him from a far)

Attacts: dark wing upper cut, fade away shadows, and singing dark evil songs that are the names of wings of darkness, trick and treat, and sisters of the night

My little sis info

Name: Yuri Andrews

Name meaning: first: Sunlight Next: Glory

Race: half demon/human


Appearance: long brown hair, hazel eyes, fair skin

Talents: same as mine

Skills: same as mine

Weakness: hakudoshi (she is obsed with him and she says his name in her sleep it drives me crazy)

Attacts: she has no wings but she can sing and play piano that hurts people's ears

più di un anno fa Eris24 said…
this is what i look like human

 this is what i look like human
più di un anno fa sesshysGirl23 said…
big smile
name: Minora
gender: female
family: sesshomaru (father) kikyou (dead) (mother) sicona (dead) (sister) Rin (sister technically) inuyasha (half uncle)
age-human 13 demon 1300
story- she was five (human) when her sister (sicona) killed her mother her father killed her sister soon after she was supposed to be a hanyou but she is a demon with priestess powers she also has demon powers her father does not let her leave the castle without him so she does not have any friends she acts like her father but she appreciates humans,hanyou and demons alike one night she snuck out of the castle and into the woods she has not practiced her powers today so she was defenseless she walked to the god tree when a bear demon appeared she tried to strike it with her claws but it easily dodged them the bear grabbed her in his claws and knocked her unconscious but before she got knocked out she screamed and the castle her father heard this he rushed to the scene killed the bear demon grabbed minora and went home when she woke up and found her father she said i am sorry and i will never sneak out again
 name: Minora gender: female family: sesshomaru (father) kikyou (dead) (mother) sicona (dead) (sist
più di un anno fa khanna266 said…
YAY,my turn!

name:Tai'Mai(mixed up taili and mai's names he he)


race:Goddess of Joyfulness

this is what she looks like in human form(sorry theres no color

powers/abilities: does gymnastics,sacred archery,sorcery,makes people fall in love,oshinetsu(her book of happiness potions),shapeshifting,superspeed,levitate­s,r­ain­bow whip(an actual rainbow as a whip!),and creates any cute animal,and can bring back Kohaku's memories

loves:Shippo,Miroku,Kirara,bunnies,deer,w­olv­es,­Gin­te,­Koh­aku­,co­oki­es,­rai­nbo­ws,­Rin­,an­yth­ing cheerful,annoying inuyasha,chatting with kagome and sango,beating up Khanna,and Ramen

looks like:ayames hair,but brown with side braids,mirokus skincolor,white silky short dress with long sleeves and light blue leggings,female sign tattoo on her right hand,no shoes light green eyes,and light blue bead necklace

family:the sun goddess that died in war when Tai'mai was only 4 her father died soon afterwards and traveled with her 2 sisters Kairu and SingSing 'till they were killed by a band of demon slayers and hated them ever since she even once tried to kill sango (though she likes Kohaku)

story:ever since her family died she still had hope she would see them again one day she has always been happy even when battling evil. she loves ramen noodles especially when cooked by kagome,she loves to play with shippo and kirara,and also loves to annoy Inuyasha yet she secretly likes him,and when miroku asked for her to bare his child she said"No thanks" and kissed him on the cheek and sango got jealous.(he he)

crush:tied between Kohaku and Shippo

weaknesses:evil barriers and the crescent moon(funny!)




 YAY,my turn! name:Tai'Mai(mixed up taili and mai's names he he) age:15 race:Goddess of J
più di un anno fa halfdemon30 said…
Me next
Age: 18
Race: half human half dragon demon
Weapon:sacred dragon blade
Powers:flame breath,can channel fire into his blade, fly
weakness:every new moon he turns into a full demon for 2 nights and 2 days
Family:mother (Deceased) father(deceased)
Appearance: he has dark blue hair his eyes are also dark blue he wears a long jacket and has wings on his back and a chainlike tail
 Me successivo Name:Gintama Age: 18 Race: half human half dragon demon Weapon:sacred dragon blade Power
più di un anno fa Rei-Hino said…
Name: kakyuu
Race: Half human half sun demon
Demon powers: Can go inside the sun and make anyone's dream come true!
Family: Chiyo(Mother) Masahiro(Father)Hanako(little sister)
Weakness: Dark lights and Electric light
Story: Was lost from her parents for one year but her power of lights founds her parents too
 Name: kakyuu Age:53 Race: Half human half sun demon Demon powers: Can go inside the sun and make a
più di un anno fa Columbine15NZ said…
Here we go then! Now be prepared for a very...different oc than what you would usually see in Inuyasha.
Name: Abigail M. V. Regent. Better known as Columbine.
Race: Human.
Age: Unknown. Appears to be in her late teens.
DOB: The middle ages.
Home country: England.
Powers: (to name a few) Teleportation. A wide array of mind-controlling abilities. Strong magic. Ability to weild various elements. Possesses superhuman strength, speed and heightened senses. Also has the ability to fly. Travels through time effortlessly.
Physical appearance: Very tall. Chubby to a degree but with long legs, a large full bosom and carries an appearance of strength in her stance. Due to centuries of life, she wears neat trim glasses from the modern world. Has astonishing natural beauty, full red lips, green eyes, reddish-brown hair and very fair skin.
Her eyes are outlined in a smoky violet and her deep ref lips have a purple tinge.
Her entire right eyes is black with a small white pupil. Two scars form an X over this eye. Her right eye is rumored to be her most dangerous asset. She wears a long flowing black skirt, fishnet suspenders, button up boots and a tiny, skin tight black leather corset top that is open over most of her chest, leaving nothing to the imagination. It teems oddly with her extremely modest skirt. She also wears billowing black cape and a large steeple pointed hat. On her arms are fingerless fishnet gloves.
Personality : Artistic, imaginative, dry sense of humor, opinionated, cynical, idealistic usually easy going but tends to be something of a control freak. Has an expert eye for detail, tends to just as perverted and lecherous as Miroku, has strong anger issues and is incredibly ruthless. Something of a closet dictator. Power hungry and calculating yet oddly tender. Is prone to depression, paranoia and servere loneliness.
Hobbies : Writing, sketching, painting, stalking magic, reading, listening to music, talking.
Important information : Columbine is extremely sadistic, hopelessly deranged (in the modern era she has been put in a straight jacket and locked in an.isolated cell) tends to be cannibalistic. Thrives off of causing pain to others and if there is no one handy to slowly and grusomely kill, than she will not hesitate to practice self-mutilation. She is completely out of her mind, due to years of abuse and finally abandonment from her father and constant shunning from others around her. It was through one suicide attempt that she discovered her immortality.
Allies: Naraku. Her cat, Salem.
Has connections with : The Joker, The Avengers, Alucard and the Hellsing Organization, Sephiroth, Harley Quinn and Duke Nukem to name a few.
Weaknesses: Naraku. Her mother. Though she sometimes hates Harley fiercely, she will rush to her defense at a seconds notice.
Origin summary: Columbine was born in old England and always channeled unusual powers and connections to the world around her. She was reveled in her home village as a healer ...until an unfortunate fire disaster sent the entire village on a witch hunt after her.
Columbine has been flying around on a broomstick and broomstick and calling herself a witch ever since. She volunteered for experimental surgery in the future and is officially known as a mutant.
Basically, Columbine is an insane, mutant witch.
più di un anno fa misshedgehog said…
can i join plz
can i join
Name: kouki
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species(demon, half demon, human, etc): half demon
Weapons/Abilities: can use a baseball bat or a big hammer and can heal very fast in 3 days and can power up her bat but favorite weapon is her whip
Personality: a hot head girl with a kind heart
Appearance: she was brown hair and her eye color is gray and wear a short red dress with balck pants under it and boot and on her wrist is a good luck charm and wear a head band to cover her dog ear
Background: her mother ecsape demons that destroy the angel village with her 3 year old daughter and new born son but carrie dont reminder it and her mother wont tell her and her mother always worry about her two kids and her father died protecting them
Other Info: she dreams of being a singer and have a little brother and at night feels a great pain in her back and have a split personality named atsuko and on blood moon kouki become a insane killer and dont reminder it but has strange dreams during the blood moon and kouki haven't unlock her powers yet
weakness: the dark, seeing all she love dead, fire, kids getting hurt
Name: kiyoshi
Age: 13
Gender: male
Species(demon, half demon, human, etc): human with a bit of half demon but not much
Weapons/Abilities: cant fight yet he let his sister fight for him
Personality: hyper/ scare easly
Appearance: brown hair blue eye wear a blue shirt with a star on it and green pants and plain old shoes
Background: his mother ecsape demons that destroy the angel village with her 3 year old daughter and new born son so he was too young to reminder it
Other Info: he feels safe when hes with tara when she not mad
weakness: being alone
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Eipona366 said…
Name: Natiesha

Type: Full Inu Yokai, Demoness of the Moon

Age: 4,672 years old

Appearance: She is a tall, slender woman with shimmering silver hair that falls to her ankles (but is always bound up in elaborate braids and twists) and molten silver eyes. she wears red and blue robes embroidered with white threads that depict the phases of the moon. Her fangs are delicate and sharp and poisonous and her claws are long and filed to a point. she wears thin white shoes that are like a second skin and carries a sword at her hip, and knives up her wrist sheaths. On her pointy elf ears she has one piercing on each of her ear lobes and hangs slim columns of silver from them, along with two silver studs pierced at the point of her ears.

Facial Markings: Natiesha's facial markings are dusted over her skin in silver, must like moon dust. She has three cheek stripes inked onto her skin to signify royal birth and a tiny moon outlined in between her eyebrows. She also has three silver stripes curving around her wrists and forearms.

Sword: Enraikiba (Thunder Fang), is shaped like an Arabian sword, with a curving black that is thicker on the end and thinner towards the silver hilt.
Knives: Futago (when both knives are referred to) and Taiyo (Sun) and Hoshi (Stars) when the knives are separate. They are as long a Natiesha's forearms and are wickedly sharp and thin with black hilts.

Abilities: Natiesha has all the enhancements of a full demon: super speed, super strength and longevity. Her personal abilities include claw elongation, poisonous claws and fangs, the ability to fly on a silver cloud, a scream that will overload an enemies senses and kill them, and the ability to use basic sorcery along with any of her moon powers her mother passed down to her.

True Form: like most other Inu demons, Natiesha's true form is the shape of a giant dog. She is a slender and graceful hound with dainty paws that have clouds emanating from them. Her fur is silver and shimmers like moonlight and her normally silver eyes turn gold and the whites fade to black. Her tail though is ditterent, instead of being fluffy is very slim and she doesn't have any excess fur around her shoulders. Her ears are very cat-like in appearance, aka pointy.

Family: She is the daughter of the Sun and Moon demons, who are so old the world has forgotten their age. She has two siblings: Nagieto and Nalkaneya who are 4, 619 years old and 4,587 respectfully. They both share the same long, silver hair and Nagieto has deep amber eyes while Nalkaneya has pale yellow eyes, almost white. When Natiesha was under a century old, her parents were murdered by a coven of powerful dark witches and the siblings were forced out of their home. Nalkaneya split off from her siblings and hadn't been heard from until all of them reached their thousandth year.

Natiesha is the rightful ruler of the Heavens-co ruling with her siblings, making up the Sun, Moon, and Stars-, but she sees no reason to take up her throne until her parent's deaths are avenged. She now lives in a small village, protecting the inhabitants and her brother at the same time. She is constantly pestered by another Inu demon, Yotenahmiashi (Yoten for short) who is madly in love with her, but she refuses his proposals every time. Nobody quite knows why.

Behaviors: Natiesha is a very quiet demon, she never shows any voice inflections and speaks in monotone, even when angry. She also shows no emotion, so if anyone wants to know what she's feeling, they have to read her aura. Natiesha is very lady like, dainty, poised and polite in all companies, but will have her way when push comes to shove. She is very powerful but holds back most of the time, but watch out when she lets loose!

Weaknesses and Times of Strength: Natiesha's power depends on the phases of the moon, therefore her weakest state is at the New Moon and her strongest at the Full Moon. Lunar eclipses also drain her powers while solar eclipses increase her power 100 fold. Naitesha is also fiercely loyal so anyone holding a friend or family member hostage will cripple her.

Power: 100
Intelligence: 95
Endurance: 90

Overall Rank: 98

(beware or I'll sic my cats on you!)
più di un anno fa tsubaki13 said…
TYPE OF DEMON AND CLASSIFICATION: arctic fox demon, full demon, but has a lot of human and half demon friends... NAME: Chiyuki... DOB: feudal era... SEX: female... SPECIAL POWERS/ABILITY: can control the snow also can make the snow fall on an enemy and let the pressure crush them,and can manipulate it and can put people in a trance and slowly take their soul without them feeling pain... WEAKNESSES: cant be in hot weather, sometimes accidentally freezes stuff when mad....
tsubaki13 commented…
oh and she wears a long black dress and she has icy blue eyes so beautiful and shocking that will make even satan stop to stare at such entrancing beauty. she is mostly quiet, but will speak when spoken to, and her voice is somewhat lyrical and musical when she talks. she seems far away and guilty to most people because she knows how the future will be like, and she sees the past, present, and future. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa DanceoftheDead said…
Name: Muko
Species: Half cat demon/Half Sorceress
Age: Unknown, but appears to be 17
DOB: Unknown
Eyes: Sky blue in all three forms
Hair: Human form: Brown and stops mid-back/Demon form (When her inner youkai takes over): White and stops at her ankles/Cat form(Fur): Black at the base but red at the ends causing her coat to have a red gleam to it
History: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Powers: Unknown
Extra Info: Her name means "Void". It is said that her original name was Sachiko which means "Happy Child" in Japanese, but when she finally opened her eyes for the first time, her parents saw the void. Her eyes are emotionless. Lifeless. Her eyes are the eyes of someone who doesn't have a soul at all. Anyone who saw her use her powers didn't live long enought to tell them. She never speaks, and some think she can't. That is why so little of her is known. The truth is, she won't speak unless she trusts you, and she doesn't know how to trust.

Her demon appearance:
 Name: Muko Species: Half cat demon/Half Sorceress Age: Unknown, but appears to be 17 DOB: Unknown
più di un anno fa Souloangel said…
Name : masamune

Gender : female

Age : 17

Classification : angel

History : masamune is an angel neko with a personality much like inuyashas she was training in a forest when they met and he became frenimies with inuyasha and she tends to amuse sesshomaru from time to time and she joined inuyasha gang and went to kagomes world once to help inuyasha out because he was too self conscious about going to see her without a notice and she helped them defet naraku babysited Rin and yada yada yada happy ending

 Name : masamune Gender : female Age : 17 Classification : Angel ninja History : ma
più di un anno fa Helloinuyasha said…
big smile
Name: Alainia
Age: 16
I am a half fox demon.
I have long strawberry blond hair.
I wear a short strapless animal skin top and slim pants made from the fur of the fire rat.
I am '6"4
My powers I am incredibly smart and very strong
Weakness: I am Koga and Shippo's cousin
Weapon: I have a machete and several knives hidden everywhere
Stat: 100
Backstory: Like Songo my family was killed by Naraku. He posessed my brother forcing him to kill them then even he died. I have to live with my cousin Koga... for now. I need to find Inuyasha. For revenge on Naraku.
Yay that was fun.
Helloinuyasha commented…
Oh yeah i for got DOB same as my cousin duh più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa SesshomaruGirly said…
Race-Dog demon
Family-None that she knows of except her brother Kiono
Relashionships-None everyone is scared of her
Home-Inuyasha forest
features-silver hair and brownish gold eyes
Attacks-She can put you under control and more but she isnt fully trained yet...
Weakness-Her brother holds her back
Backstory-Kinoikuhime came from the future and was told by her so called mother not to take of a necklace but later found out that when she takes it off she turns into her full demon form and it can never be put back on and right after that her "mother" told her that she only found her on the street with her brother and took them in but later on she felt betrayed by her "mother" because she hadent told her earlier and ran away with her brother into the woods and when she came out on the other side she was in the past.
 Name-Kinoikuhime Age-170 Race-Dog demon Gender-female Family-None that she knows of except her b
più di un anno fa Inuyashasister said…
Name:Shiro Age:20,000(20) Gender: Female Race: Wolf Demon Sister(s):Katamae Brother(s): Inuyasha, Sessomoru Weaknesses:Terrible odors, Loud surroundings, and cute guys Spatial powers:Howling, poison claws, turning into a giant 60 meter tall wolf Weapon(s): The Moon Blood Sword Strength: Smell of blood, any sent or sound, grow young or old on command History/Story:Shiro was born after all of her siblings she has a tail and ears, she turns out to be a rare wolf demon with better senses. She was locked in a barrier that kept her a toddler for 18,000 years until her big brother Inuyasha came and saved her, then found out she was his sister. They then traveled together to find Naraku, one night Naraku found them asleep and kidnapped Shiro. He then put a spell on his barrier so that when Shiro even puts one hair inside he has control over her. She eventual escaped and found inuyasha again. Now after killing Naraku she chooses to go off and travel alone for awhile.
Sorry that the pic is sideways it was the only way to could fit
 Name:Shiro Age:20,000(20) Gender: Female Race: lupo Demon Sister(s):Katamae Brother(s): Inuyasha, Ses
più di un anno fa darkling98 said…
Name: komori-uta (komori mainly)
Age: 19
Race: 'cursed' demon
Stats: all are abnormally increased and is at par with Koga's speed and endurance while her swordsmanship is unknown due to the fact that those who've seen it have been brutuall murdered on sight.
Attacks: attacks much like lone wolf, won't and can't hesitate for the killand can crack and destroy much like how Koga could with the jewel pieces. Her main attack is "Gods breath" in which her vioce can reach past normal compassities and can create sound waves without sound and cut through terrain and create a rippling effect of earthquakes, the highest stretch was five miles. Another is reaching Gekkō no megami mode in which she turns into the wolf goddess and can purge any unwanted souls put the side effect of such an attack could lead her into falling into a coma like state for days at a time.
Weapons: Her weapons are two meteorite swords called Aku and Shirei which could turn at wolves at their own accord and their Komori's request. Aku is a black male wolf with golden eyes that can create the seven fires of hell and create demons to kill the enemy. While Shirei is a white male wolf with red eyes that can move past the boundary of sound and can also heal and disperse piosons in the body. Both can turn into wolf demons with their own will or when they've become to wounded or used to much energy.
Weakness: Due to her unaturall abilities she has an abused and scaring child hood that caused her to unending nightmares that seems endless while occuring. Her body only regenurates limbs or organs that are no longer attetched to her body with the exeption of her heart. This caused her to be almost killed numorous times and also the extensive use of stanima used to maintain her body from exploding due to Gekkō no megami's soul makes it so she can use it only in life or death situations for her comrades never for herself.
Looks: Slightly lighter tanned skin then Koga but with dark violet eyes and long golden brown hair that reached the back of her thighs but is usually up in a high ponytail. Wears the traditional male wolf demon armourbut in black and white fur transitions and blood red for the chest plate. Has a scar aross her right leg from a dog demon that had hunted her while she protected a priestess' temple. Her two tails are tipped with the opposite color (the white one would be blacked tipped at the bottom and vise versa).
Background: Can turn into the sacred wolf-Gekkō no megami- but due to that her original state gives her two tails, one white one black, and has been known as the bane of the wolf demon tribes. Eventually the tribes realise that normal tatics and isolation will not kill her so instead they trap her by threatening the lives of the human children that she had been guarding in the woods in which she agrees to for the children. Once she is secured the wolf demons leader of the search party sells her to the centere wolf demon tribe where she is forced to murder every demon and enemy in their path.

In a ceremony to prove their strength,or to at least get rid of the cursed wolf demon, the centere wolf demon tribe pitted up Komori against Koga, a leader of a rival wolf demon tribe, and put them against a demon that can shift forms to their preys worst nightmares. Komori ends up fleeing from the demon in a desperate attempt the escape him. The audience around them and her tribe only laughed at her weakness not knowing that she was trying to escape from her father from her homeland that had placed the curse on her in the first place by injecting her with miasma and the blood of a holy priestess from the day she was born to her seventh year. The battle had caused her to go on a rampage making her try to run and when that didn't work, to kill everything in sight or at least try to. In the end both of her arms were eaten by the shape shifting demon causing her to lose making her Koga's slave.

The day after the tournament Komori awoke to find both of her arms grown back and to see Koga staring at her in wonder. Wary of him she growled and asked for the way to her new home only to find that he could run as fast she could, quickly turning it into a competitive race. When reaching her new home she was given the job of tribe champion and was sent to destroy the centere wolf demon tribe and claim their fallen territory. A year she returns completing her tasks only to see that most of the tribe was murdered and an overly anxious Ayame claiming Koga as her mate, as he denies everything and can't come up with a good enough reason to convince her to go away. Go figures.
darkling98 commented…
my god I wrote soooooo much!!!!! più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa tIGER_dEMON said…
NAME: tsukitora sherai
RACE: half demon tiger
AGE: 19
GENDER: female
FAMILY: none. just pet tiger, saya, female, red stripes white coat
LOCATION: travels everywhere
APPEARANCE: purple/ red hair, ponytail/ long, orange and black tiger ears on head, bright light blue eyes, white tiger fur/ shoulder pads, orange and black/ tiger fur/ tube top, white tiger fur/ skirt, feet wrapped [(like koga's)], orange and black tiger fur/ leg warmers, orange and black tail, skinny, tanish skin, sharp nails, sharp fangs
ATTACKS: poison claws (sharp claws) poison arrows (bow and arrow) poison sword (sword)
WEAKNESS: animals, and her friends
STRENGTH: the same as koga and inuyasha (not combined)
RANDOM: sings beautifully
più di un anno fa Sesshomrugirl said…
How do you create them?
più di un anno fa Animelover1313 said…
Family:sesshomaru, inuyasha, inu no taisho, mother(?)
Hair color:silver
Eye color:gold
Species: inu daiyokai
Skin color:fair
Type:full demon(very powerful)
Powers:flight, poison fang, demon death blast, demon death fire, immortality, hypnotizing eyes
Weapons:tensaiga, demon sword muramasa
Traits: dog ears, long hair, dog eyes
Personality: loves family very much, distant, strong, wise, nice
(Looks pretty much like a girl sesshomaru just different)
più di un anno fa Angel0fDarkness said…
Name: Kagome Higurashi

Age: 18

Species: Human/Miko

Sex: Female

Appearance: Black hair tinted blue in pigtails down to her hips

Dark blue eyes with swirls of silver

Four diamonds on her forehead to make a diamond (like Midorkio)

Bigger chest by a lot

Thick eyelashes

Bigger butt

Fuller lips

Small fangs (from doing the blood switch with Shippo gave her those)

Taller instead of 5'2 she is now 5'8

Wide hips

Sharper sense of smell (from doing the blood switch with Shippo gave her that)

Shaper sense of hearing (from doing the blood switch with Shippo gave her that)

Shaper eyesight (from doing the blood switch with Shippo gave her that)

Longer life span (from doing the blood switch with Shippo gave her that)

Weapon: Bow and arrows

Sword made by Sesshomaru's fang that his poison and her rekiki slide down together making living impossible to all if touched by.

Story: Inuyasha has chosen Kikyo instead of Kagome. Kagome left with Rin and Shippo to a village to heal her broken heart. Kagome also learned that Midorkio is her grandmother, her father was a demon with monk powers, and she is a very powerful miko. Kagome having Rin, Sesshomaru taught her how to fight and made a sword for her.

Weakness: Children

Attitude: No longer innocent and naive to the feudal era. Has a playful side when comes to battle. She still has her virginity, she has no crushes and still despises Sesshomaru.
più di un anno fa sizle_pop12 said…
almost 7 years late, but better late than never! and this looks fun!

name: suki

age: thousands of years old (has the appearance of a 19 year old)

hair color: light blonde

race: the light goddess

eye color: green (turn blue when she looks in the eye of her one true love again)

appearance: wears the same clothing as inuyasha but white, and she wears a belt made of the constalations themselves.

background story: a long time ago suki was in love with a demon, he wanted power all to himself. she was a goddess she wanted to share power. it was a romance between good and evil, the forbidden love. her loves name was no other than sessohmaru. suki found sesshomaru in the forest badly wounded by a demon, at the time he didn't know how to use his powers. she nursed him back to health for 3 months. when he was able to walk they did many things together, they soon fell in love despite their differences. he became known to the villagers and was welcomed by them all, she saw the true beauty in the demon, and purified his soul. after a year of being with suki, he began to show remorse in humans. on the night of the blood moon, the first one since sesshomaru was born, they were collecting herbs for the villagers. on their way back he became to transform, his one beautiful complexion became tainted with red claw marks and a moon began to form on his forehead. suki jumped back in fear as he turned into the foul beast he truly was. he struck her with his hand and ran for the village. suki quickly came to her sense and ran to the village trying to stop him, but she was too late. every villages slain and he was staring back at her from across the meadow. the smile he used to wear was now a permanent scowl. "why have you done this sesshomaru? have you no pity" she asked he didn't reply. instead he cam running after her the same way he did to the village, she though it was over she closed her eyes and was ready to die so she didn't have to live with the fact that her true love was now evil. when nothing happened she opened her eyes and saw him in front of her. he looked at her with that scowl, he looked like a demon but in his eyes she still saw the same love he had for her at one time. he slowly floated up and disappeared she just watched. he could have slain her with one hit, but she could have also Add to dictionary him with her light, but they didn't. they both knew what their weakness was and it was each other. sesshomarus heart still hurts from his one true love and is angry at himself, this is why he has no pity on mortals anymore it shows a sign of weakness. but a piece of his soul and heart still burned with love and affection for suki. sukis eyes that were once a crystal blue were now an emerald green, they would return to their color when her and her love are reunited. when susshomaru found rhin he would have killed her if the same affection he felt for suki didn't still burn within him, she filled the void of loneliness in his heart. a piece of his soul was still purified from suki. the only way to purify sesshomaru is for his and sukis tears meet and wash out all the demon within him. she searches for him hoping to find him and return him to his true colors.

weakness: sesshomaru

weapon: keiunstella , forged by the constellation orion himself.

long sorry got carried away
più di un anno fa Toby_Reaper said…
Lol , 7 years late , but Better then never ! This looks awesome !

Name: Toby Ann Reaper

Age: a year younger the inuyasha ( idk his age sorry )

Hair color: dark brown and fades into a Carmel color ( black when wet )

Race: half demon ( angle of death because father was death )

Backstory : her mother was a human while her father was a demon known as death . When Toby was born , she was born in a time loop , so she was known in both times , ( that's why she has 20th century cloths ) but decided to stay in inuyashas time when she acedently arrived there . Not long after birth however , Toby's mother died , and her father past away fighting the four war gods ( inuyasha movie , number one ) so , Toby being an orphan would play with inuyasha and love him for who he was when she figured out he was like her , The two grew up together after that , and Toby helped inuyasha thro the time when his mother died , they became best friends .. but Toby fell in love with the half demon .. and when she knew he had fallen in love with keko ( I am so sorry I don't know how to spell her name and I swear i have grown up with this show) she got depressed but didn't show it he still saw her as a best friend .. but .. loved her on the inside a knew he did .. she still stuck with him .. but when he got bowned to the tree .. she lost it and almost killed keko but got bowned to the tree as well , when kogme saw them she swear Toby was an ordenery human so she took Toby off first , then Toby woke up for her eternal sleep and her wings sprouted and she started crying but kept a straight face . Kogome fell back " I-I'm so sorry miss .. I didn't mean to scar you .. " Toby said as she helped kogome up " I-its alright .. " kogome responded to Toby . " I'm Toby , Toby Reaper .. but my friends call me T .." "kogome .. " " well kogome , can you help my friend ? He will be a bit mad tho .. you look like keko ... I'll explain later .. " as the story went on and they meet everyone , but instead of kogome.. inuyasha fell in love with Toby as she did with him .. kogome got together with koga

Gender : Female

Weakness : seeing her friends hurt

Powers : being able to just walk to each area anytime , being able to make her wings and syth disappear and apper anytime she likes , and being able to hold fire ( I'm not counting flying since she has wings and they both sorta go together ).

Appearance: black hoodie , blue jeans , black converse , long dark brown hair that fades into a Carmel cooler , thick black glasses , gray feathery wings , dark brown eyes , and an hour glass body type

Weapon : her syth ( idk what else to call it )

Attitude : can be sarcastic and rude ( like inuyasha ) but can also be caring and kind when you get to know her
più di un anno fa sessinari said…
name: Seketi

age: three hundred

race: demon

DOB: unknown

class: adventurer

weaopns: two swords , sword one she calls Sumako and the other Ketsuek, Sumako is her sword of summoning and killing the underworld creatures. Ketsuek is her sword for summoning blood demon and killing holy humans and creatured.

Seketi's powers are blood drain claws, poison bite,spical powers: summonining the undead, hell's fire breath, and demon healing for other demons.

her weaknesses are silver, rice balls, and Naraku.

Strength: 90

Speed: 100

Agility: 88

Reflexes: 100

Swordsmanship: 100

Magic: 100

Endurance: 99

Intelligence: 80

Durability: 100

Stamina: 99