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 Cindy And Tak Go Rave'in!
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CIndy wants Tak to be her bestest friendzy
Invader Zim
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"una this is the AUP we have a contact for te to meet." the leader of the AUP blinked over a monitor.
"a contact... Where and when?" una answered. He was surprised that they would have him travel about on such short notice.
"vortian female, a member, was captured today. She was on a mission to scope out foodcourtia for us, to see how many irkens are there. Una we need te to rescue her, we have prepared a incrociatore with gas for your transportation." the leader replied. The rescue mission would be hard but in ways una had a feeling it would pay off, plus how could he not help another member....
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 "Worse o better" face
"Worse or better" face
I can't say Azailia has much of a backstory...she has one, but it's not that big. I will tell te anyways.
--------------------------------------------------Azailia was always into glamour and fashion. She became the most famous model on Irk. Everyone wanted to data her, however she thought every guy who asked her was hideous. Until, one day, she saw the Amore of her life...Zim. She walked up to him, and tried talking him in to dating her. Zim was unimpressed (as always!) and tried to ignore Azailia. She was persistent, though, and tried to give him Amore notes at any corner. Finally, one day,...
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