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 Cindy And Tak Go Rave'in!
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CIndy wants Tak to be her bestest friendzy
Invader Zim
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 Cute lightbulb is cute! :3
Cute lightbulb is cute! :3
Creating a Character
by ~Pavonated-Fox

So te want to Create a Character?

It's best to start with the basics.

Remember, it's perfectly okay to change your characters' names as te write your story. A character's name could be as simple as a common name, such as Max Reuben, o could be as elaborate as Cecelia Jane Vivian Lily Iris Alexis Thompson. But remember, te want to have a name for your character that can be used conversationally. Max and other monosyllabic names are great, but for te più creative types, just make sure your character can have a nickname, o will just go da one of...
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((Since apparently when I tried to invia this before, it didn't go through |C))

What is Fanpop? A friendly place where many individuals of any age, can get together and post pictures, videos, and more.

On Fanpop, there are things called "FANCLUBS", where people can post their pictures, videos, and more.

Invader Zim Fancharacters are about OC's for the lovely morbid show, Invader Zim. Who is in this group? Mostly younger kids, around 12 o so. There are a few older teens here and there, as well. What is this group's purpose? To collect and share Invader Zim original art. Whether it be canon characters,...
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