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My theme


Sulflex's theme song

Sulflex's preferito Video

IZ 01 THe Nightmare Begins

DragonCon Invader Zim Panel

Invader Con 2 Script Leggere - The Trial

Max Gilardi Plays Mason's Voice Part 2 ! :D

Clark Voice recitazione

Dating Tips with Rolanda XD!

Peace in the Mind

What am I watching? >:U

My theme song :D

Zinc loves Felx? HOW CAN THIS BE?!

RP Script Read Test Thing

Max Gillard plays Mason's voice! :D

I can't decide :U Should he be the voice of Felx o Zirconium? D:

Helena's preferito mostra when she was a child

Helena's Movie Idea

UpcomingFlash Bloopers

If Zinc tells Tech a secert.... :U

Japanese Zim

Misty: (konata), Maricruz: (kagami) Part2

Mason Wants It and Needs It :P

Misty: (konata), Maricruz: (Kagami)

Cindy's Theme

Leon's Theme Song

Mason'sTheme Song

Tina's Theme Practice

Helena's Theme Song

Helena&purple's Amore song

>:U I think I found Zinc's theme song now. For reals >:U

Misty's theme song

ಠ_ರ Took a test. And it detto this was Zinc's theme O.o...

The Riddler

Invader Zim And Zinc- Hug Of Doom *my first animation*

Me drawing failed Zinc in human disguise xD

DJ darike Got Cindy and Gashloog Falling in Amore Again

DJ Darike

theme of invader blaze

weneegee's theme :D


Invader Jake's Theme song

Invader Glitch's Theme!

S.I.R. Virus's Theme!

My freinds

Sadi Tributes

Zero's New Theme

Rox's new theme song.

My Irkensona Cookie's Them Song

i am so violent :D

Ezra's Theme Song.

Verx's Theme Song

morg and ezra's theme

Invader Tibs's Theme song

Resiree's Theme Song

Cynthia's Theme

sabrinas theme song!!! =^^=

Rubii,Rubix,And,Rubila's Song To Their Father

Rubii's Last Theme Song

Lavree's New Theme Song :D

InvaderRubila's Theme song.

Demon o Max Bringing Sexy Back(Themesong)

A Tribute to me :'D

viola VS Siren

Max & Demonic's Theme song

InvaderJan's New Theme Song

ET-Maliry's New Theme Song FT.Wallace


Jareth's Theme

Melissa Nar Needs A Bad Boyfriend (;

InvaderWendy's Theme Song!

Most awesome song in history of Invader Zim =D

Rubii's Burlesque Theme Song

Gloria's New Theme Song

new vid :D

molly's theme song

Melissa Nar's New Theme

Creating Mr. Bacho :D

Invader Con "Mopiness of Doom"

Rubii's Lullababy <3

Wave's Theme

Lavree's new theme song

Rubii's And Demon's Song Batan's Revenge

Erick's And Chloe's Amore Song

Satan Batan's Theme Song

Brad's NEW Theme Song

The Song For Who Let The Dog Out Comic Of Moon XD

goodbye jet....

DANA Is Hurt..:(

Katie's And Rubii's Song

When I'm Bored I Play JackOffJill

me Canto again :)

Nikita's theme

Lavree's Theme

Lavree The Gothic Doll theme

What Rubii Does In Her Weekend XD

War with the pirates!

My birthday presents!

Jaqel's and Rubii's Theme Song