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This Invader Zim wallpaper might contain segno, manifesto, testo, lavagna, poster, anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

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 Tak:Uhh Those Amore Birds
Tak:Uhh Those Love Birds
Tak:I Cant Take It Anymore

Gaz:Did I Ask U *Looks At Her*



Tak:Hmm..Wht Should I Do To Break Those Two Up.....I KNOW! I Should Get Revenge >:)

Gaz:Revenge *Adds* Wht Kind Of Revenge

Tak:I Should baciare Zim Infront Of Dib>:)

Gaz:Idk If U Should To Tht Tak

Tak:Come On It Will Be Fun

Gaz: I Wont unisciti U HMPH!! Winer! *Walks Away*

Tak:Fine >:(

*Mean While*

Dib:Uhh Wht Should I Do Now?


Dib:Who Could Tht Be :)

*Opens Door*

Zim:Oh Hii Dib

Dib:Zim Wht Are U Doing Here?

Zim:I Came To Ask U Sumthing

Dib:Wht Is It

Zim:I Want To U Know...Make Out Like All The Time...
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Source: I drew this, characters are made da Jhonen Vasquez
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