iPhone spazio Ball 2.0

zhixunsoft posted on Jun 30, 2009 at 06:57AM
Small ball rolls to destination preconcerted by iphone gravity reaction. The ball in game is very sensitive, slight gravity action can lead the ball roll to direction of gravity tendency. The ball rebound degrees are different when it falls from different heights.

Updated based on previous edition. Game paths are more challenging, and there will be paths release regularly. The ball physic collision’s effect has been updated, it is more vivid.The ball holed motion effect has been updated.

This is compact version and it is still testing version before official one release. If you have any good suggestions or you find out something we need to improve, please write your comment in review section. We will deal with every suggestion earnestly and try to make this version perfect before release official one.

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download address :link

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più di un anno fa kittycute said…
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looks great!