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zhixunsoft posted on Jul 03, 2009 at 04:35AM
Analytics Agent Pro is developed based on Google Analytics API. You can browse and manage your Google Analytics on iphone or itouch, it can provide its most functions. Compared with other software which belongs to the same category, we force on data classification and its details which help you browse data which you want conveniently and quickly.

Analytics Agent Pro Introduction
By iphone or itouch, you can browse your website traffic source and get comprehensive data at any place and time. It helps you manage websites.

Condition: you need a Google account, which has set up Google Analytics.
Analytics Agent Pro doesn’t provide the operation of analytics management; it only focuses on data extraction of Google Analytics. When use this software, you firstly need to configure your website and add its analytics code, when the application has been succeeded, this software will automatically extract the data of your website.

Tips: Google Analytics Introduction
It shows how customer find and browse your website, and the methods you make customer’s experience better, it can increase rate of return on website investment and site transition, this will help your earn more money on internet.

It can track the visitors of your website and effect of your marketing AD constantly. No matter it is Ad words, Email AD or others, with using these information, you can know which keywords and AD is most effective and where the customer exit in the transition process. So, don’t look down it just because it is free. Google Analytics is a full-featured and powerful analytical tool.

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