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Article by deedragongirl posted più di un anno fa
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I pray for a better world!
Hi guys, my name is Dee and I come from Malaysia. I have always wanted to go to Italy since my parents have been there, here are my reasons on why Italy is my superiore, in alto destination!


This beautiful city where the lake is use as a road, the city is also famous for Masquerade and its outfits. So, I would definitely buy them if I have the money, but I can't imagine bringing them all the way from Venice to Malaysia!
The gondola boats are the highlights of the city, and it is famous the Grand Canal. I would to Amore to row a gondola boats as seen in the The Phantom of the Opera! It would make it even più romantic.

Cinque Terre

Yes, the multicoloured village da the sea, this city fascinates me as I never heard about it before, I only got to know about it 4 years fa when my parents went there and when my mum postato a foto of the city on her Facebook.

Rome & The Vatican City

The capital city where the Roman architecture dominates the city, the coliseum still stands today and it was also the site where the gladiators fight themselves for entertainment purposes. The Trevi...
List by boytoy_84 posted più di un anno fa
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Here's a lista of colori - ecco una lista di colori

Red - Rosso

Blue - Blu

Brown - Marrone

Yellow - Giallo

Green - Verde

arancia, arancio - Arancione

Black - Nero

White - Bianco

oro - Dorato

Silver - Argento

Gray - Grigio

Tan - Abbronzatura

Purple - Viola

rosa - Rosa

Copper - Rame

limone Yellow - Limone Giallo

Sea Green - Mare Verde

Blue-Gray -Blu-Grigio

Scarlet - Scarlatto

Sepia - Nero di seppia

Sky Blue - Cielo Blu

pesca, peach - Pesca

Lavender - Lavanda

Baby Blue -Bambina Blu

Mauve - Malva
Review by adamjohnclarke posted più di un anno fa
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The days are long on the very tip of the narrow stiletto heel of the Italian Boot. Dictated da sweltering temperatures decided at the whim of vengeful gods, the soporific residents of the small town of Poggiardo lazily go about their daily business blasted da the scorching sun, whilst slaves to the temperamental breeze of the Salento Peninsula.

The surrounding deserts of cinders and cacti have been ravaged da epic histories of war while the rugged coves of the peninsula are dotted with ruined watchtowers, sentinels from a time of conquests and infidels. The endless groves of oliva trees are sunk into the dusty ground resembling a great army of tanned arthritic fingers belonging to the old Italian women that inhabit the region; withered and crippled under the unrelenting sun. From the plethora of parched foliage the din from the incessant chirping of the crickets adds a bewitching and mystical atmosphere to the otherwise bleak and quiet landscape.

The narrow residential streets of this insignificant aged town that clings desperately to the edge of the Province of Lecce are interspersed with piazzi of varying size and prominence, accumulating into one epic...
Opinion by cA_iNen11 posted più di un anno fa
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united in 1861, has significantly contributed to the cultural and social development of the entire Mediterranean area. Many cultures and civilizations have existed there since prehistoric times.

Culturally and linguistically, the origins of Italian history can be traced back to the 9th century BC, when earliest accounts data the presence of Italic tribes in modern central Italy. Linguistically they are divided into Oscans, Umbrians and Latins. Later the Latin culture became dominant, as Rome emerged as the dominant city around 350 BC. Other pre-Roman civilizations include Magna Graecia in Southern Italy and the earlier Etruscan civilization, which flourished between 900 and 100 BC in the Center North.

After the Roman Republic and Empire that dominated this part of the world for many centuries came an Italy whose people would make immeasurable contributions to the development of European philosophy, science, and art during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Dominated da city-states for much of the medieval and Renaissance period, the Italian peninsula also experienced several foreign dominations. Parts of Italy were annexed to the Spanish, the Austrian...