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 150203 ‪‎IU‬ for UNIONBAY clothing Instagram update
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This IU foto might contain accappatoio.

IU and Yoo In Na are like sisters, supporting each other on and off camera.

On June 26, fashion designer Go Tae Yong postato a picture on his Instagram with the caption, “Chef Lee Won Il’s Dear pane along with IU and In Na. What are the four of us doing? Please take care of my refrigerator? This week is the finale for the ‘Producer’ special and ‘Fashion King!’”

In the image, IU can be seen visiting Yoo In Na on the set of “Fashion King.” The two look like sisters, both radiantly beautiful and seemingly close.

Designer Go Tae Yong and Yoo In Na have been working together on “Fashion...
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That enough of the incredibly sexy and ultra HD lists, this time we’re going with something just super ridiculous on this Monday morning! It’s crazy how many photoshoots have bubblegum incorporated into it, and how many più idols are just spotted blowing bubble gum! Do te think any are photoshopped?

Check out this lista titled, "12 Pinkalicious K-Pop Idols Blowin’ On Bubble Gum!"

1. G.NA

2. SPEED Shin Joongook

3. Girls’ Generation Sunny

4. Girls’ Generation Yoona

5. BTS Jin and Suga

6. BoA

7. Go Ara

8. Lee Jong Suk

9. Girl’s Generation Tiffany

10. Secret Hyosung

11. EXO-M Xiumin

12. IU
IU went for a simple girl-next-door look. She paired the camicetta with pesca, peach colored shorts and a bright color block shoulder bag. She opted for natural make-up and "apple hair" with loose curls. Na-Eun went in a different direction when styling the blouse. She wore the piece with a white high-waist flared gonna with black polka dots. She, too, went for a natural look with light make-up and loose curls.

IU's outfit was perfect for her role as Soon Shin. However, I think Na-Eun really shined in this outfit. I Amore that she ran away with the feminine look. The gonna perfectly balances out the attention from the bare shoulders and ruffled sleeves on the blouse.

But in the end both ladies looked beautiful!

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With the immense popularity of KBS2 drama Producer in the country, one of its main cast members IU has been experiencing a surge in popularity in China.

Impressed da her recitazione in her role as superiore, in alto singer Cindy in the weekend drama, IU has reportedly received multiple offers for upcoming Chinese projects, but she has not made any plans yet to schedule any official activities in the country.

The singer did, however, visit Guangzhou recently to promote cosmetic brand Qdsuh, which she endorses. Netizens chimed in on her surging popularity in China, voicing their admiration and Amore for the singer...
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