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This Jacob e Bella fan art contains soggiorno, salotto, camera anteriore, salone, sala, stanza di famiglia, camera familiare, camera da letto, posti letto, camera, and dormire alloggio. There might also be tana, den, letto singolo, scatola di imballaggio, caso di imballaggio, imballaggio scatola, and cassa da imballaggio.

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 What Jacob is wearing for his Wedding
What Jacob is wearing for his Wedding
Part 19 continues from part 18

I gently passed my fingers da his cheeks. He smiled at me and kissed me again.
“Okay te Amore bird, get your asses up and help decorate your backyard” detto Leah.
“Ahhh just give them time to reconnect, it’s been 4 weeks” detto Adam as he grabbed her waist.
“Oh alright” she detto as she kissed my brother. I playfully threw the sofa cuscino at them hitting Adam’s shoulder.
“Alllllrighttt Amore birds get te asses to my backyard” I detto we laughed together.
We made our way to the backyard, it was coming out beautifully, Bella and Edward was putting flowers...
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 Bella and Edward in the meadow. :) (Disclaimer:I own nothing)
Bella and Edward in the meadow. :) (Disclaimer:I own nothing)
I Amore you.
te are my sun, my earth, my sky. Without te I don't know what'd I do. te are the brightest stella, star in my night, and I will forever hold te and protect you. I'll never give up. I'll never stop fighting for you. te are my everything. Just take your sweet time. I'll wait for you, but I'll never give in to dissapointment o jealousy. I will override these factors and climb to the heavens just for you.

I curl up in the soft grass. I avvolgere my tail around my sprawled legs. I drag my paw lazily to the erba covering my face to remove it.
I gasp, it'd felt like all the air had been...
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 A Jacob and Bella Amore Story
A Jacob and Bella Love Story
(Last time we left off, Jacob kissed Bella and Bella couldn't sleep)
I sat at my window for a long time thinking things through. Why did Jacob baciare me? And why when He was gone? I really was worried about how that would affect us. Suddenly, I heard thefamiliar yet rythmic pattern of rocks on my window. I rushed to the window and opened it and then came Jacob inside but, instead of landing gracefully he collapsed on my floor. I quickly went to his side and turned him over. I saw three deep cuts dug in his arm so deep I could've sworn I saw bone. I tried not to think of it that way my stomach...
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