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Jacob Black
Bella Swan
breaking dawn part 2
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This Jacob e Bella foto might contain faggio, abete di douglas, mulattiera, strada briglia, percorso di freno, and strada di briglia.

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 Jacob Black
Jacob Black
Heyyyyyyy here's Chapter 36.....hope te enjoy it :)

“Jake, you’re here” I said.
“I wouldn’t miss this for the world” he detto as he grabbed my hand. He gently kissed my forehead, and brushed my sweaty hair back with his hands.
“You can do this baby” he couched me.
“Sorry Keila I can’t te are to far along, I could see the baby’s head” detto Carlisle.
“I DON’T CARE……..IT HURT’S” I continued to yell.
“Come ‘on honey just a few più pushes” detto Em as she stood on my other side couching me.
“Yes baby just a few...
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Bella Swan
Jacob Black
New moon
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 Marco Hernandez
Marco Hernandez
Heyyyy hope te enjoy part 15, it continues on from part 14....hope te all enjoy it.

“Where not together no more” he said
“Oh that’s sad to hear” I said.
“Yea, how’s and that crazy boyfriends of yours” asked Ernie.
“I don’t want to talk about it” I said. I felt Marco’s warm embraces; he placed his arm around my shoulder and kissed my head.
“Don’t think too much about it” detto Marco. “Listen I’m taking her out on a night on the town, te want to unisciti us, she needs as much support as possible” he asked Ernie.
“Yea, I would Amore to join………just warn me if...
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 A Bella and Jacob Amore story
A Bella and Jacob love story
(Last time we left off, Jacob was confronting Bella in her room to see about how Edward left her for 2 months)
"So I came to ask te something," Jacob asked.
"What is it?" I answered nervously.
"I just wanted to now if te were doing anything this Friday?" he said, curiously.
"Oh," I sighed.
I really didn't know what to say to him.I couldn't hurt his feelings yet still Iwas afraid to go out with him alone.
"Well ok, but it has to be like a whole group of people with us," I responded.
"Fine, but one condition," he stated.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Does the group have to be consisted of humans or...
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When Bella finished her morning duties, she creped to her room, Jacob was asleep; she didn’t want to disturb him so she went down stairs, she was surprised to see Alice on her sofa, she looked distraught, she had a napkin in her hand.
“What happen?......where’s Edward ?” Asked Bella, she had fear written in her face.
“He packed his things and left to Rome, he saw te and Jacob make Amore from your window” detto Alice.
Bella’s was shocked; she didn’t know what to do. “He saw…..he saw us?” Bella asked.
“Yes, he saw te and Jacob, he is soooooo hurt Bella, If te didn’t...
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