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posted by swagzilla143
i called princeton aka jacob perez 2 days fa we were just Friends nothin more
phone convo
m; hello
j; ciao how r u
m; good thanks how r u and the rest
j; yeah we cool but fan out there crazy
m; ha tell me bout it
j; so why ya call
m; a friend asked me if she could talk to u
j; yeah sure
f; ahhhh is it really you
i couldent hear what jacob was sayin but it sounded intresting after they finished i hung up the phone and went to get lunch......... when i got home about 6 hours later i saw mb standin there
m; what ya guys doin here
prodigy; giorno off
m; ok then come in
rr; wow
m; what
rr; cool house
m; ts exactly...
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