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 jaden and his dad shirtless
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jaden smith
jaden and will shirtless
Jaden Smith
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This Jaden Smith foto might contain costume da bagno, tronchi di balneazione, sei pack, abs, ab crack, ventre piatto, six pack, ab crepa, pancia piatta, pezzo, and hunk.

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Source: waaw...he's awesome and damn gorgeous..can't wait to see his move..I've seen trailer and it is aaaa!
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Jaden Smith is a 11 years old boy turning twelve on july the 8th. He is the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, the stella, star of the fresh prince of bel air. As Jaden detto his father kept talking about how he wanted to remake make the movie The Karate Kid and he did. Making one of the best Film i have ever saw! It was the best action comedy and romactic family movie i have ever saw. Also followed da his knew song Never Say Never including him and Justin Bieber. Jaden Smith even wrote his own lyrics to his rapping part .He can rap dance knows karate and is very funny that's why Jaden Smith is MY role modle.

from soon to be,
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Jaden Smith is now 12 yrs old.. the same age as me.. bt let's get to da point, His b-day was July 8th nd his parents are Jada Pinkett Smith nd Will Smith. He iz a actor, singer, dancer nd a hottie!!! He stars in the coolest movie eva The Karate Kid!!! wit Jackie Chan!!! He stars as a kid named Dre who has to sposta to China cuz his mom Taraji P Henson cant afford one in Detroit o was it Chicago bt still couldnt afford it. He iz the cutest thing nd has a 8 pack which iz so SEXY!! Woo!! bt i have a 6 pack nd still workin on da splits!!! bt i really want to meet Jaden Smith becuz he iz so freakin hot nd i just Amore his smile nd body!!! oh yea he has a cute little sister named willow!!! so adorable!!! so if yhu (Jaden Smith) gets this i really mean frm da bottom of my cuore nd everything i Amore so plz send sumthin back o reply o do sumthin
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ciao readers! We just got back from the Kids’ Choice Awards and we can’t even begin to describe what a blast it was! We saw SO many of your preferito celebritàs on the arancia, arancio carpet — it seemed like everyone was there for Nick’s big night! We got to chat with Selena Gomez, the hotties of Big Time Rush, Jaden Smith, The Black Eyed Peas, Victoria Justice, Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson and TONS of others, so be sure to keep checking back HERE for the latest aggiornamenti from the KCAs!

You know who else was there besides celebs? fan just like you! There were tons of screaming fan lining the streets...
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rocks i think