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posted by princetonwife50
Introducing... J'aniesha Janae Johnson the daughter of Craig and janae Johnson and the sister of Prodigy jr. She is known for he natural beauty that she got from her mommy (meh) lol and she got sum things from her daddy also but prodigy jr got più of his daddy then Babbii girl here does... I'm glad to have a daughter like her because she is just too cute and sweet (unlike her brother lol) but I Luhv both my kids they da best even tho they drive me crazii sumtimes I Luhv em to death...! Babbii girl was just born not to long fa I say about couple hours ago....and she alreadii luhved da manii cuz she gorgeous that's the main thing but wait till she get older she gon be bad as hell..bringing boys in and out of the house thinkin she grown....all I gotta say is get readii Babbii girl cuz imma Beh woupln yuhrr culo if yuhr think yuh Gon get away wit tht