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la scelta dei fan: They are made for eachother they should meet at L&Ls wedding and get back togeher
They are made for eachoth- er...
She loves Logan, he will...
la scelta dei fan: their chemistry
la scelta dei fan: #1 Couple
la scelta dei fan: no
la scelta dei fan: Yes! Why couldn't we get that for Lorelai and Luke?
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RoseLovesJack detto …
I Amore Lorelai and Luke postato più di un anno fa
hanhclubbl02 detto …
Hi all, i'm new member. Add fan me ^^ postato più di un anno fa
rorymariano detto …
"It's one of the key touchstones of our show. You've got this woman working so hard to make it and her partner is right around the corner. If either one of them would just let the bacheca down for five secondi and keep the quips to a minimum and maybe say something real to each other, their lives would be very different (...) It would be like Oh my God, just turn the **** around, the person's right in back of you!" - Amy Sherman- Palladino

So true, lol. postato più di un anno fa