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la scelta dei fan: What?
la scelta dei fan: fan art
la scelta dei fan: no
la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: creepy pasta
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fluttershy10958 detto …
:) postato più di un anno fa
fluttershy10958 detto …
Cool I used to think he was real postato più di un anno fa
FurrySnowPuppy detto …
Jeff the killer is awesome i use to be obsessed over him though and it was at the point where I literally went to school as him wearing his clothes and everything the black pants the black t camicia and. The white hoodie ...and according to a few Friends ...i came into school with the smile so yeah i Amore him is awesome and i will mostra te guys some of my drawings oc him sometime...hope te lik e emo .. postato più di un anno fa
FurrySnowPuppy commentato…
it was supposed to be. like em più di un anno fa
Iminabook commentato…
I'd Amore to see your drawings of him I bet they're amazing xD più di un anno fa
fluttershy10958 commentato…
Yea più di un anno fa