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posted by sieluvzsoul
"Let's check it out" Jakob detto getting up. But I grabbed his hand "let's not" I said. "Scaredy cat" Jakob said, "meow. Now sit your culo back down" I detto pulling him back onto his bed. "Fine wanna watch some horror Film to help us sleep?" Jakob asked pretty much Leggere my mind, "Grudge" I asked, "anything te want princess" Jakob detto getting off his letto walking over to the flat screen and DVD player putting the movie in as I changed into my pajamas, "make sure it's number 1 Jakey" I said, "it is I checked twice" Jakob detto before grabbing the remote, walking back over to his letto as I lyed in mine. Which was the closest to the closet, which I was staring at. "ARICELIA!!" Jakob yelled as I snapped out of it and looked over at him, "alternative ending?" Jakob asked. "Yea sorry" I detto as he clicked it and turned off the light switch which was da his bed.