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Why can't Jennifer forgive and make peace with her mom? Mom is nearly 80, in healthcare and she cannot find compassion in her heart. Wow perhaps that's why her relationships don't last and she's so superficial. God Amore her mother! Mom is probably liv

 ladygolfer7 posted più di un anno fa
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Makeupdiva said:
What do te know? What right do te have to judge someone on something that te really have no idea about? Her relationships with men have nothing to do with her relationship with her mother. Jennifer Aniston is a great person, she doesn't deserve this kind of judgement from people, especially the people who have don't even know her.
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posted più di un anno fa 
hatelarxene said:
Jennifer Aniston's mother sounds like a textbook Malignant Narcissist. These people look for new ways to hurt te and enjoy your pain. It's too bad that Jen's mother felt she needed to take a final jab at her -- even from beyond the grave. Can te imagine Scrivere down everything about your daughter and leaving it to someone else? Other than to hurt o to wound, why would anyone do that? Until te have personally been involved with someone like this and know the havoc they wreak, it is impossible to understand the viciousness.
None of us have any idea how Jennifer was treated da her mother. No one disowns their own mother unless she is deserving of it.
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posted ·10 mesi fa 
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