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Guide by meeshluv posted più di un anno fa
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Jennifer Garner at the 2006 Oscars
Look at a lot of Jennifer fansites and other web pages, and they'll tell te that Jennifer has never had her ears pierced. But is this true? Are her ears still in their natural state and completely free of extra holes?

If te look deeper into things than just a quick scan of the fansites, you'll see that all of those which say she's never had her ears pierced are the older and more-established ones, many of which seem not to have been updated in a long time - often several years. Look at the più recente sites, o websites like IMDb, and te begin to see a slightly different story. It seems as though all of the sites which say she's never had her ears pierced are based on a single magazine articolo from 2002. In this interview, she talks about her childhood, and how she and her sisters, Melissa and Susannah, had a lot of rules imposed on them da their parents, including not being allowed to pierce their ears. The early Jennifer fansites took this article, and the fact that pictures showed that Jennifer's ears were not, at that time, pierced, and used that to support statements that she'd never had them pierced. But is that really the case?