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URGENT !!!!!Please Please help!!!!

I Amore this video of jeremy brett on te tube but i don't know where any of the refefrences come from please help me i know some come from Sherlock holmes and my fair lady but where do the rest come from? please help!!!!!!
 ej_classic posted più di un anno fa
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mark5 said:
Straight hit with this domanda for me, because I Amore this video too. The clips are from:

Number 10 series-the Bloodline episode (0:31,0:51,1:08,1:18...)
The Baron series - The 7 Eyes of Night ep.(0:05)
Seagull Island (0:07,0:18,0:26,0:42,1:22,1:40...)
Rebecca (0:13,1:04,1:52...)
Hart to Hart-Death in the Slow Lane ep.(0:34,0:54,1:15)
The Very Edge (0:36,1:49)
Mad Cani & Englishmen (0:58)
Haunted: The Ferryman (2:00,2:35)
The Wild and the Willing (3:10,3:26,3:33)
The Three Musketeers (3:45)
and a pic from Hulk-Of Guilt, modelle and Murder ep. (2:08)
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posted più di un anno fa 
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imzadijb1 said:
Yes - great shots aren't they
Some of the shots are from Secret of Seagull Island, Bloodlines and I think a couple are from the Baron. Also JB was in A Good Soldier and An Ideal Husband. te can get Bloodlines, and Good Soldier and An Ideal Husband through amazon and its totally worth it!!! Hope this helps
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posted più di un anno fa 
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