how to talk with god and make him answer me plz help me?
 liza12354 posted più di un anno fa
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Gesù Risposte

Sinna_Hime_chan said:
We do not "make" God do anything, unless te want to piss Him off 0_0 te may not have fatherly respect for the Alighty but prayer is when we talk and He listens and is part of communication in a relationship - te can say what te like however te like.

Meditation on God's word and being still is when God often risposte but He can answer anytime.

Sometimes if we simply ask for help- help comes but we have to have the eyes to see it and recognize it as the answer that is from Him.

Whatever te ask in Gesù name shall it be dato you.
Pray in Gesù name.

God hears an earnest prayer.

God ALWAYS answers. The risposte are simple: Yes, No, and Wait.

Work on a real relationship- seek Him. He will answer.
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posted più di un anno fa 
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