Gesù What do te think Heaven will be like?

Pick one:
Clouds, pearly gates, golden harps and Angel wings.
The garden of Eden, only a million times better!
Like Earth, only as different from it as a shadow is from the real thing.
A place where te can run and not get tired, where te can't be sad o get hurt.
I can only imagine. ;) But according to Revelation, it'll be one heck of a party!
I think heaven is different for every person
Added by Charlotte1720
im not so sure. (come on, don&# 39; t get all needy now....
im not so sure. (come on, don't get all needy now. )
Too awesome for the human mind to comprehend!
Added by psalm1003
angeli oro gates the sky just so butefull
angeli oro gates the sky just so butefull
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