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la scelta dei fan: They're okay, but I like others more.
la scelta dei fan: Cheesecake 🍰
la scelta dei fan: 🍁
la scelta dei fan: 4 🍂
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yorkshire_rose detto …
Gorgeous new Autumn look postato ·19 giorni fa
jlhfan624 commentato…
I absolutely Amore it! ·18 giorni fa
ktichenor commentato…
Agreed! It's beautiful! ❤❤ ·18 giorni fa
jlhfan624 detto …
Before I think about creating an articolo discussing this further, I wanted to let everyone know something that happened to me recently. This is extremely personal and I debated not saying anything at all, but decided I would for one reason - to raise awareness and let others know they are not alone. Late last week I was hospitalized for severe anxiety. And I mean severe. I felt it might kill me literally. I was embarrassed, but now I'm not and I just want to share some things. postato ·20 giorni fa
jlhfan624 commentato…
I have only been hospitalized once in my life - when I swallowed a Chuck E Cheese coin on purpose because I was afraid of losing it. Talk about severe anxiety at a young age...I was 4. ·20 giorni fa
makintosh commentato…
thank te for your honesty, and openness 💕 just remember that te are never alone. recovery takes time. be patient with yourself 😘 ·16 giorni fa
jlhfan624 commentato…
Thank te all for your very kind words! They never go unnoticed! ·10 giorni fa
jlhfan624 detto …
I genuinely Amore te all. te may think your words over a computer screen don't help someone countries away, but you'd be wrong. Very, very wrong. postato ·28 giorni fa
yorkshire_rose commentato…
Aww,I genuinely Amore te too.The smallest gestures always help the most,even if it is over a computor screen.That's because in comes from the cuore and goes straight to yours ❤️ ·27 giorni fa