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la scelta dei fan: Joenerys
la scelta dei fan: DanyXJon, duh. Why do te think I'm on this spot?
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Jon & Daenerys bacheca

chrisguy9017 detto …
Im a Jon Snow fan first and a shipper second. But Jon and Dany are the only two main characters that could be together while not plotting the others brutal death.

Not sure about Dany's sanity in the later libri she can seem a bit unhinged at times. postato più di un anno fa
bixito10 detto …
Hello? It's anybody out there? I ship Jon&Daenerys! Please let's commento our theories about them being together. I'm sure that at the end of the saga she will go to the bacheca with her Draghi to kill the Others. Then she will meet Jon and it will be Amore at the first sight... I'm sure! postato più di un anno fa
eris88 commentato…
I think The Others will spread at all Westeros. Jon will be fighting with them(I know what happend but i refuse to belive that) and Daenerys will see that ,,her people" are being killed. She will come to rescue them and that's how she will meet him. They will fall in love, it will be difficult for them but in the end (after they wipe out all The Others) they will be together. That's my hope at least. I know that Martin hates us and they probably will not get happy ending. :( But I hope that autore saved for us a happy ending and we will get bitter-sweet end for all characters. più di un anno fa
eris88 commentato…
And I think that Azor Ahai is both Daenerys and Jon and only together they can defend the world. più di un anno fa
bixito10 commentato…
I think George hates all kind of Happy Endings, with o without Dany and Jon together. I really think they meant to be together! They are separate da hundreds and hundreds of miles but I can feel a connection between them... one is in the north, the other is in the far south... looking for their destiny. I will be happy if they just meet and like each other. I'm sure that George has something very bad in his mind for them but I have faith in their story. They are meant to be! più di un anno fa
IvanaDyP detto …
I would like to see them happening. Maybe in season 2! & then it will be più of us in this spot. :)
Kit mentioned that there will be new Amore interest for Jon in season 2! Can't wait! <3 postato più di un anno fa
eris88 commentato…
Unfortunately it won't be Dany. At least not yet! :) più di un anno fa