I can ralate with a lot of the girls that fall head over heels when te watch that big, hige beautiful smile and with thise stunning eyes... Hes totaly stunning, and yes we all know it and are total jelouse of whoever is successivo in line to be his partner. I think its sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza to say he would go out with a normal girl, I doubt that he would knock back a beautiful (goof personality counts too!) just because they arent famouse, but then again I doubt he would turn down a famous person if he had the choice between the two.... I Amore him and have peronaly bought every film he has ever been in, obsessed? Yes I really am. And I know deep in my own cuore I will never walk on the same side of the road to him as to even to talk to him.... So the girls that have had that chance are very lucky. I just hope before I die I do get to see him as hes my insperation to going to college for a course of drama and sorts, also my writen been based on his insperation he has on me. SO GIRLS WHO ARENT FAMOUSE KEEP YOU'RE CHIN UP BECAUSE HE MIGHT JUST LOOK YOU'RE WAY ONE DAY.