Joshua Jackson So far out of these what is the best role that Joshua Jackson has played??? and... [please add if i do not have your preferito ones]

Pick one:
The Mighty Ducks [Charlie Conway]
D2 The Mighty Ducks [Charlie Conway]
D3 The Mighty Ducks [Charlie Conway]
Magic In The Water [Joshua Black]
Ronnie & Julie [Ronnie Monroe]
Urban Legend [Damon Brooks]
Cruel Intensions [Blaine Tuttle]
Scream 2 [film class guy #1]
Lone stella, stella, star State Of Mind [Earl Crest]
Cursed [Jake]
Dawsons Creek [Pacey Witter]
otturatore, dell'otturatore [Ben Shaw]
all of them
all of them
All the Mighty anatra Film
All the Mighty anatra Film
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