Justin Bieber Try not to say I Amore him.

LuvJustin22 posted on May 26, 2008 at 01:51AM
I will try my best not to say I love him in every single thing I do but it is really hard because I do love him and he is just really hot and talented and it is hard not to express your feelings if you have so much feelings for a person you like a lot. And I know people dont like me because I do that alot and i will seriously try to stop.

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più di un anno fa iheartjustinb said…
o ur nice! if its that hard, u dont need to try so hard. dont kill urslef for it, everybody does it!
più di un anno fa charleyk said…
look i dont even know justin and on the first time i heard him i though wow and then i saw him and i was like he is super coz he is phitt n talented so tell the rest 2 get stuffed n spea ur mind coz i am gunna say

più di un anno fa wow231 said…
justin is hot i love him
più di un anno fa iheartjustinb said…
i love hime but the fact that charleyk spelled his NAME WRONG totally makes her look like a fony turd of a biotch and im so glad i got that off my chest
più di un anno fa lil-lucy said…
av u got a gf cos i adore you ur so talanted i wish i cud just kiss you lol im 13 plz give me ur msn addy lyl lucy xxxxxxxxxxx
più di un anno fa LuvJustin22 said…
im not justin
più di un anno fa keeley16 said…
justin is wayyyyy too hotttttttt
but i dont love him
i doint even no him but im sure if i got to no him i would end up loving him
più di un anno fa kaylanicole_xo said…
i love that you love my cousin (by marriage]
no, hes not with me . and i only see him once in a while,
but hes a great guy!
oh& he told me :
if anyone wants a video he is going to make personalised
shout out videos for his fans .
soo , tell me if you want to be in it!!
that should be up around easter .

keep checkin in guys!

...oh, and ill see if i can get justin on here
when he comes to visit . :D :D
più di un anno fa kaylanicole_xo said…
no problem!
at last check, he was trying to get a cd?
im not sure, i havnt talked to him for a month or two
so things might have changed .

of course as soon as i go to his house (easter vacation) i will hopefully get him on here to post videos and reply personally to everyone!

aww, dont worry . lol, Esmee is the sweetest girl ever!

again , thanks so much for the support!
più di un anno fa kaylanicole_xo said…
lol, justin doesn't go out with esmee?
but k, hahaha.
più di un anno fa jessica_87 said…
ily iloveyou ily ily iloveyou
ily ily ily ily ily ily
ily ily ily ily ily iloveyou
iloveyou ily ily ilyily ily
iloveyou iloveyou ily iloveyou
più di un anno fa jessica_87 said…
it didnt work -.-
più di un anno fa soccer69 said…
ya i know its hard not to say that you love him when he is so het and ya he is so hotlink
più di un anno fa Shellbelle said…
i love him too. I only heard about him from my friend and she says she knows him in RL but I doubt it's true. But maybe she's telling the truth. idk.
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più di un anno fa surefirenelc said…
aww well here look at this video. He performed for Q100 in Atlanta last month. It'll only make it worse but it's still a really awesome performance :) haha it's pretty adorable


più di un anno fa xo-meg-emily-ox said…
Hahaa, I can't deny.... he's H.O.T. <3 I do, love him... in a celeb crush way. Lmao.
più di un anno fa Soccercutie18 said…
Um, I don't wanna offend anyone but you don't really love a person untill you've met them. I like him alot though.
più di un anno fa justinsgf said…
obsessed much!! when i like go to the forums i always see ur articles!! ur so obsessed with him!! darling dont be like trhat it makes u luk like ur pathetic ok??