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justin bieber selena gomez
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Chapter 1
Okay, I am in this class and this guy won't stop looking at me!!! After class, getting ready to go to lunch, he detto hi to me and my face turned red!!! I looked at his name tag and I found out that his name is Justin Bieber!!! I started screaming and he totally asked me out... So I detto yes. But then this girl named Selena, came up and tried to push me away from him, but he pushed Selena out of his way and he kissed me. Selena was so mad she ran out the school crying. Justin followed her he detto " Selena,we have to broke up because I'm in Amore with this girl now. I'm really sorry."...
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Sounds like someone’s trying real hard to keep up with this Kardashian!

A few months back, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian got all cozy at a Caribbean promo shoot, and then again at the White House. Justin and Kim swore they were just friends, but following a Pinkberry data in LA, some sources insist that JB wishes it was more!

“They have a really innocent flirtation going on, which she thinks is sweet and harmless,” a fonte told ShowBiz Spy. But to Justin, it’s a whole lot more:

“Justin tries to act like a ‘man’ when he texts o talks to her,” the fonte said. “She’s flattered...
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posted by greenpeace1125
Justin Bieber is the most ugliest child I've ever seen! Although some of his songs may be cool he's still a regular kid. The only difference is that his voice just got recognized.

All of his songs talk about girls and love. The thing is, is that he's only 15 anno sold. Yeah sure he's all up there and stuff but he still has his while life ahead of him. He's really like the most of us. The only difference that Justin Bieber has away from modern giorno americans is that he is famous. Now most people didn't even know he existed until Usher found him on youtube.

If it weren't for Usher's so called "smart" sposta no one would have a fever for Bieber.

So all te fan's out there he's just a kid...\

Thank You,
posted by tooch
te see my baby up and hit the road
Where she's going that's what nobody knows
I need to find her before another man does
I wouldn't want him to steal my love
I'm just trying to be cool, cool, cool(trying to be cool)
Whatcha expect me to do(ohh yeah)

I'm just trying to find, find, find; sweet Amore of mine
I'm running out of time, where is my runaway love?
Searching low and high, know that I'm not giving up
I'd give it all up for us(never be enough)(I won't stop until I find) my runaway love

See my baby really needs some help
Cause she can never stay at home da herself
She says she needs a little company...
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posted by LaurenandJustin
Justin Beiber is a great singer!! I get on youtube.com and hear justin beiber sing Amore me.

Im Lauren and i Amore justin bieber!! im 10 years old my birthday is 3/3/2000.justin biebers birthday is 3/1/1994... and um..what else..lets see.i think his song one time was the first song he wrote.i think?if te please tell me.what else hes 15 this years old.one less lonly girl x6.thats what he siad im not a lonely girl..well i am. i think im not pretty i've never had a boy friend before my best friend had one but thats beacause shes pretty she has a better life.it would be a big thing if i dated justin bieber.i would cry in happyness.but that will never happen if it did i would be happy i would not be a lonly girl.a nerd likes me but i dont like him at all it would be the best giorno of life if i met him and was his girl.i will be lucky girl.who ever dated him is a lucky girl.well bye people ttyl (talk to te later)lol
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