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la scelta dei fan: Yes :D
Yes : D
la scelta dei fan: Himself
la scelta dei fan: Kang Min Hyuk <3
la scelta dei fan: Yes! TOTALLY!
la scelta dei fan: YES!!!!!!
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imagilinaa detto …
today i saw te and for the first i heard my heart, it detto i Amore you...your smile is like the moon in the dark night...i wish te all my best for your bright will become one of the most acknowledged person in the world...i wish i could te meet te one day...keep smiling always, i Amore te postato più di un anno fa
sajede detto …
I really want to talk to him:'(
What should I do??????
I'm going to die for him,he is always in my mind and dream

Min hyuk......囧 postato più di un anno fa
desirreedanuco detto …
your so cute :) saranghae postato più di un anno fa