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Kanye West
50 Cent
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Blood on the Leaves
Send it Up
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Flashing Lights
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LoveLoc- kdown
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Amore lockdown
Barry Bonds
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1 fan ha risposto a questa domanda
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Macmaki detto …
Kanye, te are such an inspiration to so many people; that te are kind, and te let your cuore and mind lead te through this life. The thugs that threaten you, I pray will be condemned and stopped in their tracks. How dare they try to strip you, o anyone, of the free speech that belongs to all of us. They want to silence anyone that feels differently from them. What kind of world would that be? I too, am a Trump supporter. postato ·9 mesi fa
riverhousebill detto …
Kanye , did te know that Fred trump Donallds Dad was a member of the KOOKY Klucken Klan???
Did te ever notice the baby man is no fucking different?
Fuck te and Donald Trump postato ·9 mesi fa
purpleRose123 detto …
Listen to this! Give 👂 to God! Casting crowns "Just be Held" postato più di un anno fa