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la scelta dei fan: Blood on the Leaves
Blood on the Leaves
Send it Up
la scelta dei fan: Kanye West
Kanye West
50 Cent
la scelta dei fan: Stronger
Flashing Lights
la scelta dei fan: LoveLockdown
LoveLoc- kdown
la scelta dei fan: Amore lockdown
Amore lockdown
Barry Bonds
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1 fan ha risposto a questa domanda
1 fan ha risposto a questa domanda
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purpleRose123 detto …
Listen to this! Give 👂 to God! Casting crowns "Just be Held" postato più di un anno fa
purpleRose123 detto …
Amore God and b blessed! Don't choose to be a mess! So many are counting on you! Wife, ur descendants, your fans, God almighty wants te on his side ! Don't be a victim of TKO, know who te are! Tap into God and his word, shield ur self and ur fan from the forces of the evil one the prince of the air! I send dynamite, dynamics resurrection power your way be healed in Gesù name unveiling ur eyes is what te need to save your life! Amore God and be blessed! postato più di un anno fa
purpleRose123 detto …
I am taking time to do this in hopes that I can get a message through! I am just a messenger, I can tell te your life is but a vapor here one giorno gone the next! te leave a legacy behind and it's up to u tomake it worth it! There's only one way to live, that's da the word of God! This life is only here for a moment it's up to te to live victoriously through the one who made you! He paved the way being a trailblazer for te and me, our family too! Seek him in all te do, soak in his glory light postato più di un anno fa
Annette_Nelson commentato…
Praying for te son. GOD is still in control! May te and your family continue t o be blessed. Just look to him, Only he can heal your hurt. If he can't do it no one can! Look to the autore and Finisher of your Faith. più di un anno fa