In a dark and big court. A lone man stood in the middle. The air was tense and everyone was having secondo thoughts. The silence was broken...
"Tsunayoshi Sawada with the crime of murder, te are hereby banished from Vongola"
Gasps were heard all around. No one dared to speak.
"I understand" the man o should I say boy said.
The boy is otherwise known as Tsunayoshi Sawada the suposedly successivo boss of the Vongola but...
"You are no longer boss, please give back your ring and gloves"
Tsuna walked quietly to the judge with head lowered down. He did not resist for he knows no one believed even...
He looked around and his gaze landed on them,his guardians. They just looked away with eyes of disbelief and disgust. Yes, he reminded himself, they dont believe him.
He was judged with a crime he did not do. He was framed. He tried to explain but they never believed. They never listened. They never trusted him, the one who helped them, the one who saved them every time and the one who risked his life for them.
Because if they dont believe him, his own gurdians, his friends, then no one will.
With a final glance he looked away. Cioccolato eyes full of hurt and pain. Every step getting heavier because with every step the farther they go leaving him alone.
As he reached the tavolo he placed his ring and gloves. He already missed the warmth of the vongola ring that had always beenthere for him. As he turned to leave and with one final glance he detto goodbye.
As he closed the box, he never noticed the Vongola ring returned to its first form and Lost its usual shine and turned cold as if noticing its owner left.
Tsuna passed his old family. His guardians... no not his guardians anymore, he reminded himself with a shke of his head. They just looked away as usual. Reborn was giving him a disapproving glance and his father glaring at him. Vongola Nono looked at him with resentment as if saying he was a mistake.
He tried to hold back tears and just ran away leaving a single, clearnote as he left.
"You shall regret betraying me"
With that he disappeared. No one noticed that as he left, the guardian's rings ran cold and returned to its original form with its spark gone like the sky ring.
Without the sky where shall the elements go. The one that embraces all leaves so does the rest.
If they looked closely to Tsuna's retreating form te could almost see the elements of the sky following him never leaving his side for that is where their sky is.
That giorno Sawada Tsunayoshi was exciled and dissapeared. The Vongola rings Lost their usual shine and the cerca for the NEW Vongola Decimo started.
Up to now after 5 months, the message was still clear SAWADA TSUNAYSHI WILL GET HIS REVENGE. They just dont know it would be sooner than the think...

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