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Ryuuikari posted on Aug 27, 2012 at 03:38PM
Be creative and make your own KHR character ! The format will be something like this:

Alignment: {are they good, evil or neutral}
Partner: {e.g. Reborn has Leon and Dino has Enzo}
Weapon(s): {for example Gokudera uses dynamite and Xanxus uses guns}
Unique/Special abilities: {for example Tsuna has hyper intuition and can go into Hyper Dying Will mode while Fon is a master martial artist}
Special techniques: {e.g. Tsuna's X-Burner, Lambo's Elettrico Cornata and Ryohei's Maximum Cannon}
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più di un anno fa Ayaka said…
name: Ayaka Uchiha
height: 5' 5
weight: 100 lbs
appearance: Long black hair, stormy grey eyes, fair skin
alignment: neutral
Famiglia: none yet
Flame: Rain and Cloud
weapons: hidden blades, shuriken and kunai
Unique/Special Abilities: Immunization to cloud and rain flames,
Partner: Sora; a special imitation of Ayaka's deceased best friend--Purely made up of rain flames
(lol random stuff)
love interest: Yamamoto Takeshi and Hibari Kyoya

XDD I hope you don't think she's weird :)
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più di un anno fa Lulu_Kururugi said…
Name: Miri Yuki
Age: 15
Height: 5`8
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes, light skin
Personality: Protectiv, happy, friendly, helpful
Alignment: Good
Famiglia: Vongola
Flame: Snow
Weapon: Two guns
Unique/Special abilities: Transform herself into whatever she wishes
Partner: Cheetah

(This is how she looks)
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 Name: Miri Yuki Age: 15 Height: 5`8 Weight: Unknown Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes, ligh
più di un anno fa kakukun said…
Name: Ciela
Age: 15
Height: 5`4
Weight: -----
Appearance: Slightly long black hair, sky blue eyes, fair skin
Personality: Shy, Nice, Protective, Helpful, Athletic
Alignment: Good
Famiglia: Vongola
Flame: Sky
Weapon(s): Scythe
Unique/Special abilities: Ability to predict the enemy's movements
Partner: A turtle and an eagle
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più di un anno fa Ryuuikari said…
Name: Lorenzo Lumino
Age: 24
Height: 185cm
Weight: 76 kg
Appearance: He has straight black hair that falls over his bright yellow eyes, olive skin (Italian style), has a prominent snaggletooth and has a lean but muscular frame. He prefers to wear darker coloured clothes.
Personality: Conniving, Sadistic, Callous, Ruthless
Alignment: Evil
Famiglia: Carcassa
Flame: Sun
Weapon(s): His weapon is a pair of luminous, metal-clad, fingerless gloves. When he charges his Sun Flames through the gloves, they generate an extremely bright blinding light. He can also fire beams of blinding light from the gloves that are made of Sun Flames.
Unique abilities: He has extremely good vision and can see clearly in all light levels. He is also a very powerful unarmed fighter and when he charges Sun Flames through his body to increase his strength and speed, his hair turns bright yellow and emits a blinding light.
Partner: He does not have a partner
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più di un anno fa haifa98 said…
Name: Chiaki Izumi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Appearance: Has long dark blue hair which falls into a long big braid behind and has bangs that falls over her soft turquoise eyes. she usually wear casual lolita style outfit such as frilly skirts and ribbons but not too heavy and look cute on her.
Personality: she is a kind person, but actually has a bit of sadistic side on her. she rarely shows her expressions but smiles often.
Alignment: neutral
Famiglia: Vongola
Flame: Wind (and also some other flames)
Partner: Kakao and Shirou (twin wolf)
Weapon(s): Magic baton and decks of cards, and a monocle
Unique/Special abilities: has a special technique which allowes her to change her deck of cards to whatever things she wants due to her flame attribute. ex: high level cards into her magic baton.
più di un anno fa Nya-sezumi2347 said…
Name: Kirino Vessalius
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Height: 102 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Appearance: Has grey eyes and she has white long hair with black hair-band full of roses,she wears gothic lolita fashion,she wears a black dress with a big black ribbon on it,her dress has black roses on her end of her dress she wears black shoes with black ribbons on it,she always wears black gloves.
Personality: Shes really shy but sometimes she sweet,she really loves animals.she always hold black marbles in her hand.
Alignment: Neutral
Famiglia: Vongola
Flame: Cloud
Partner: Kuro (Black Rabbit)
Weapon(s): Scythe and black marbles
Unique/Special Abilities: she has aspecial bility to communicate to animals,her marbles are full of memories of her friends,families etc.
più di un anno fa 00Shiro_Usagi00 said…
Name: Yoshino Usagi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 114 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Appearance: She has long brown wavy hair and she has white rabbit ears on top of her head,she wears a white plain dress with a white ribbon,she wears white boots with ribbons on it.
Personality: She's friendly,she loves sweets especially chocolates,shes scared of carrots but shes really shy sometimes.
Alignment: neutral
Famiglia: Vongola
Flame: Mist
Partner: Usagi (a stuff toy rabbit)
Weapons: Swords
Unique/Special abilities: Has a special ability to turn toys alive,she can turn candies into monsters.
più di un anno fa bbymuffintop said…
Name: Ari Leone
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: Long dark brown hair, side swept bangs, dark sapphire blue eyes. She is a girly-girl but can also be sporty or casual, loves to wear dresses, shorts, skirts, sweats, etc.
Personality: She's very warm and loving. In a good mood most of the time. She is the most trustworthy member in Vongola Decimo's Family. She is always there for everyone. Reliable, dependable, bubbly personality.
Alignment: Good
Famiglia: Vongola
Flame: Snow
Partner: Freeze ( A white saber-tooth tiger ) It looks like a baby tiger, but he can transform into a huge saber-tooth. Kind of like how Uri can transform into a Leopard when he absorbs Sun Class Flames. Except Freeze can do it whenever he's in a serious battle. )
Weapon(s): She has two Fan Blades.
Unique/Special abilities: She knows every fighting technique ever made, and she is telepathic. She can read peoples minds, and talk to them through her mind.
Special techniques: Ice Manipulation: Ari has the ability to create or control pillars or objects of ice/snow, etc.
Love interest: Yamamoto Takeshi <3

That is what she looks like. ^_^
 Name: Ari Leone Age: 14 Gender: Female Height: 5'3 Weight: Unknown Appearance: Long dark brown h
più di un anno fa Merrion said…
Name: River Rivera
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 145 lb
Appearance: Long-ish black messy hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin. Athletic. Has a small burn mark on upper arm.
Personality: Kind, sarcastic, good negotiator, smart, sharp, and clever. An older brother figure for Vongola Decimo, much like Dino is. He is good at settling difficult situations, but can also be irrational and emotional. He can get stressed very easily, so he carries around dice to play with so he can calm down. Although he isn't fond of the killing part of the mafia, he does take part in assassination missions.
Alignment: Neutral
Famiglia: Doesn't have one, although his team often calls themselves the Rivera Famiglia, with River as the boss. He and his team(kind of like his guardians) work under the Vongola, taking odd jobs and taking out small threats to the family.
Flame: Sky
Partner: Shadow, a small black bird who can absorb a large amount of attacks without getting injured. His attack method is a lethal natural poison that coats his claws and beak. River is the only one unaffected by it.
Weapon(s): Needles of all sizes, with he can hide anywhere. He's very skilled at throwing them and his speed for getting them in remarkable. He has been using them since he was a small child.
Unique/Special abilities: He is an experienced sword fighter, and can rival Yamamoto or Squalo when at full strength.
Special techniques: Cielo Cucire aka Sky Sewing. Using his flames as a sort of thread, he throws his needles in patterns, creating nearly endless possibilities to attack. It also acts as a sort of web, as he can feel the movements of someone caught in the pattern. After box weapons are created, this attack powers up extensively.

This is pretty much what he looks like.
 Name: River Rivera Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5'9 Weight: 145 lb Appearance: Long-ish black m
più di un anno fa MercyHawke95 said…
Name: Hisui de la Stella
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 50-55kg
Favourite Colour: Green
Appearance: Middle of back length dark brown hair plaited to the side,
brown eyes, wears a thigh length grey coat, plain blue shirt, black shorts
and black ankle boots.
Personality: Friendly, shy but loud once you get to know, stubborn,
easy to get along with and slightly aggressive
Alignment: Good
Famiglia: Vongola
Relations: Fuuta's big sister
Friends: Tsuna, Reborn, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Hibari, Chrome,
Kyoko, Haru, Bianchi, Fuuta, Basil, Squalo, Lal Mirch, Colonello, Fon, Skull,
Aria, Yuni, Ipin, Viper/Mammom, Lambo, Nana, Iemitsu and Dr Shamal
Flame: Storm (can use rain, cloud and lightning)
Partner: Akikaze (red butterfly that can scout ahead and bring back
Information and can help communicate between allies, very fast and
difficult to find)
Weapon(s): double ended kusaigama with long chain
Box Weapon(s): Arashino chõ (storm butterfly) Ame no chõ (rain butterfly),
Kumo no chõ (cloud butterfly) and Kaminari chõ (lightning butterfly)
This means there are four boxes and rings in each flames colour that
Hisui uses (red, blue, purple and green)
Unique/Special abilities: excels in combat with kusaigama and
hand to hand combat
Special techniques: Arashi no harikēn (storm hurricane made
by kusaigama)
Drawing in progress...
 Name: Hisui de la Stella Age: 15 Gender: Female Height: 5'5 Weight: 50-55kg Favourite Colour: Gr
più di un anno fa DeathReaperPlay said…
Name:Riku Kirizaku
Appearance:One Side is Black and Other Side Is Red |Eyes are Red
Personality:Short Tempered | Scary | Smart |Partly Trained
Flame:Storm {Secretly Has Sky Flames}
Partner:Storm Dragon
Weapons:Dual Swords
Special Abilities:Can Shift To Storm or Sky
Special Technique:Never-Ending Storm{Storm Flame Ability} |Burning Judgment{Sky Flame Ability}
più di un anno fa Eritzzz said…
Name: Eri Komatsu
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5
Weight: 53kg
Appearance: Black hair,has dull brown eyes,
wears pale brown jacket,black jeans,pale cream sweater
with buttons and a cream colored
long sleeve work shirt, has a pale-ish
brown knitted hat and a tri-force necklace.
Favorite Color: Amber orange
Personality: Mostly quiet at most times and tends to tune out
other people, loves to read books on yaoi but keeps it a secret.
does not care what happens around him even if there's a war
raging around him. Tends say suicidal comments about himself
whenever death is discussed and is a pessimist. Would fight
anyone who can actually pose a threat to Daisy.
Alignment: Neutral (but slightly evil only to help Daisy Survive)
Famiglia: None, but has ties to 'help' Millefiore.
Love Interest: Daisy
Flame: neutral or blank/gray flames
Partner: Vincent (a teddy voodoo doll)
Weapon(s): Uses a rope dart for precise hits to organs and
appendages, and a meteor hammer for crushing and
destructive uses.
Unique/Special abilities: Knowledge of voodoo and witchcraft,
has also a blood pact with a demon.
Special techniques: Thousand needles
{attacks so quickly and rapidly with his rope dart
that it seems to disappear and appear in quick succession}
Meteor strike {launches the meteor hammer up high into
sky then kicks it hard towards the target at super sonic speeds}

Kinda looks like this.
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 Name: Eri Komatsu Age: 16 Gender: Male Height: 5'5 Weight: 53kg Appearance: Black hair,has dull