Keychains What's on your keychain?

IsisRain posted on Oct 18, 2008 at 11:35PM
I thought it might be fun to see what kind of keychain everyone is using.

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più di un anno fa IsisRain said…
I'm using a keychain with 2 plstic crystal bunnies on it. I've had 4 bunnies as pets so it has special meaning to me.
più di un anno fa Katreader said…
I have a Toronto Police Service keychain I got when I was a police officer on vacation and went to the Toronto, Canada police museum. I also have one from Chicago's Brookfield Zoo with a Buffalo (I'm originally from Buffalo, NY) and one made from a spoon that was a gift. I also have some rings left on even though the good bits fell off.

Oh, all of mine are metal.
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più di un anno fa astroasis said…
Mine has a little plush teddy bear on it, because that makes it easiest to find it in my bag. There's also an Inuyasha keychain on it. :)
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più di un anno fa martemora15 said…
i've got one little plush monkey, since i'm born in the year of the monkey, and a little wodden stick wich my little sister made me, and a little lego native amerecan cheef, some treads i made my when i was boored, a half of those that does so u can hang it around your neck, and a little plastic peice saying where to deliver it if i loose it and someone finds it. in all: 6
più di un anno fa Saul_Mikoliunas said…
I have a huge keychain! I have a little red glass pig that my dad gave me, a little bull fighter man that I got when I was in Spain, A little from me to you bear dressed up as an elephant that I got from my ex boyfriend (And cant quite bring myself to take off!) and a huge scoobie. My friend told me the bigger the keychain, the more likely I am to find it in my bag =D
più di un anno fa Cammie said…
Wow, Karen, I just popped in here and wow! over 500 fans.
I remember when you created this spot when you joined. I think the last time I looked there were about 30 fans.
Your spots are always great though like your lunchboxes spot and let's not overlook the Michael Caine spot that you should be sooooo proud of.
Congratulations on this!

Ok, I have two keychains. One is a Bewitched one (i know, what a shock,LOL!) and the other is a retro 1950s image of 2 housewives talkin' over a cup of coffee. Sorry I can't say what the text on that one says - it's slightly rude.
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più di un anno fa IsisRain said…
Thanks Cam :) I think this spot worked because of the quiz, I remember back in the beginning wondering if anyone would even join this spot! You've done such a great job in Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery along with a bunch of others, you should be really proud! :)

I'm shocked that you have a Bewitched keychain!! ;) lol! I'd guess you probably have more than 1 in your awesome Bewitched collection!
più di un anno fa Cammie said…
Yes, I do have have but only one on the keychain,lol!
più di un anno fa IsisRain said…
I knew it! lol!
più di un anno fa Vicky-Vardhan said…
I have 4 Keychains.!
1) My name "V" Alphabate Keychain
2) Donald Duck Keychain
3) Cycle (bike) Keychain
4) Basketball Keychain

più di un anno fa IsisRain said…
Those sound nice, especially the Donald Duck one :) I collect keychains, I took a picture of my Disney Princess lunch box keychains. There's some other pictures of my keychains right after that one.
più di un anno fa Vicky-Vardhan said…
Hai I Just Check it Öut yöur
Disney Princess Lunch Box Keychain Collectiön I Never See Those Beautiful Keychains Beföre
& I Löve It <3
Nöw I am Alsö Göing Tö Start My Keychain Collectiön Very Soon.!
I like Light Keychains & Music Keychains My Brother have it.! <3
più di un anno fa IsisRain said…
I have so much fun collecting them! I bet you'll have lots of fun too! Light and Music would make a great collection! :)
più di un anno fa PiiXiiE said…
on my actual keys, i have a hot pink Tinker Bell lanyard, a square plastic Tinker Bell keychain, a hard plastic tube filled with water and glitter and confetti from the Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapakoneta, OH (kinda like the black one in the picture), and a bottle opener shaped like a bottle that i got with a bottle of tanning lotion. and then i have a few dozen in my closet, collecting dust.
più di un anno fa hermione980 said…
i have a rhinestone D because my name starts with D and three aeropostale keychains because thats my favorite store
più di un anno fa peggy1086 said…
i have got lots of keychains at my house
più di un anno fa My8thUsername said…
I have:
1.A metal one shaped like a fish that says:"Little Miss Purrrrfect" (I love cats).
2.One shaped like a key (a keychain shaped like a key - how ironic!) with a penny in the handle.
3.One with a Matreshka doll (a traditional Russian doll. I'm from Russia).
4.One with a mini hair brush, a mini comb, and a mini mirror hanging from it.
5.A Rubik's Cube. A solved one (I can do them in about 4 or 5 minutes). This is my favorite.
più di un anno fa Kowalski355 said…
i love mine. I have a keychain thats a real working calculater...
più di un anno fa logokeychains said…
Those sound nice, especially the Little Miss Purrrrfect.
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