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la scelta dei fan: Kiki
la scelta dei fan: YES!!!!!
maybe.. idk
la scelta dei fan: Very!
A bit
la scelta dei fan: Jiji
la scelta dei fan: Kiki
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Alchemistlover detto …
This was my first Miyazaki movie from when i was like 13/14 which seems forever fa even though it wasn't actually. It's so cute and i Amore it! It's different from his other works kinda which i like. postato più di un anno fa
Cheshire_Pasta detto …
I absolutely completely utterly adore this movie so so much! It's been my very preferito movie since I was about 7 o 8 years old. The story is beautiful and the characters are just so lovable and amazing! I Amore this movie for ever!! <3 postato più di un anno fa
blackpanther666 commentato…
I agree! This movie was epic... One of my preferito Hayao Miyazaki movies! XD più di un anno fa
AnimeFan66 commentato…
Amen to both of you. <3 Kiki forever and ever. più di un anno fa
big smile
blackpanther666 detto …
Just finished watching this about half an ora ago... I loved it!!! <3333 postato più di un anno fa
TheDirector commentato…
It's a great movie! più di un anno fa
AnimeFan66 commentato…
Great? It was breathtaking and fantastic. It's like my childhood all over again. :D più di un anno fa