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Okay, so.... hi! My name is Serenna and I'm a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts! ^_^ I've been Scrivere for years now and I've made lots of different KH fanfics so here's one of'em! Hope te all like it!:)

Summary: In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, after Riku defeated Ansem, he detto he would someday return. And now he's back. But what is Ansem after? And who is this new, mysterious, strong girl?

~1. The Run

I jumped a good ten feet in the air, arriving softly in the dense forestry. I looked behind me, checking to make sure the shadows weren't following me anymore. I'd been running non-stop for a good while now and I really needed some rest.

My long, straight, but spiky a little up top, soft and dark brown hair was dripping in my sweat and I was panting softly. My skin had a slight tan to it, but nothing drastic. My feverent deep blue eyes searched for any oncoming dark threats as I straightened up and took a few deep breaths. My clothes were simple, it's all I have to wear as of now; a long, white frilly dress with black sandals, and I had a oro cuore locket attached to a oro chain around my neck. The cuore locket - let's just say - is very important to me.

I then feel the terrible burn in my cuore that let's me know that the darkness is near. I run at a fast pace away from it and feel the burn die down some to where I can think.
Where can I go to escape it? Is there any world sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza from the darkness?

You know te can't escape. Darkness will always find you. The familiar, evil, coniving voice tells me within my very mind.

I grit my teeth together as the awful burn flares up and the terrible odor of darkness fills my senses - he's here, somehow surfaced inside my head.
But, the burn fills my heart, telling me that I'm surrounded.

And sure enough, as I gaze around me I see the tiny shadowy things - here to try and take my cuore from me.

Well, there not taking it.

I feel the cosmic energy of light boil inside of me and reach all the way to my fingertips. There, it takes form in a shining sword-sized white key. The ring around the handle is pitch black and a white chain dangles from it and at the end is a black heart. I'm not sure why I have this indestructible weapon, I just do.

And I know how to use it against the darkness, that much I'm sure of.

So I attacked the dark shadows, swinging the key easily as it cut smoothly through the darkness until it was all gone.
It was all dark around me - like it's always been, and I think that's how the evil man's voice got into my head.

I've been in this dark world for years now. I had been in my world, Keylexia, when the darkness got me and brought me here. I remember being with my two very best Friends when it happened.

Yua . . . and Hayato.

Yua and me have known each other since, well, birth. Our mothers were both best Friends and ended up pregnant at the same time with baby girls. And it turns out that my mom is the Queen over our world which makes me kind of princess. And so, while growing up I was treated royally and protected and treasured da all..... until one night, darkness came to our world and awakened something deep inside my heart, something so catastrophic, I nearly destroyed my world. But then the Key appeared and saved me and Keylexia.

But I was soon labeled as dangerous, an unbalanced child... and so the Princess of Light became the Princess of Darkness, and everywhere I went, my people shunned me, were scared of me, they were all waiting for me to "snap." So I stayed within my palace home, refusing to make contact with the outside world.

I would sometimes stay in the Palace Garden, talking to the black birds and other small animali that would come by. For a time, they were my only friends....
Until the giorno Yua and her mother came for a visit. I was still a child at the time, but before my little 'incident,' Yua and I hung out all the time. Yua was to be my Protector o Guardian, mother had once told me. And I had to admit, I was thrilled at that. Yua had been so easy to get along with, she had a cool, tough demeanor, I could always seem to get the real Yua out.

I had to go and meet her, and I saw she hadn't changed any since one anno ago. She still had the same short, sandy blond hair, olive-toned skin, and viola eyes. We were near the same height, but she was about an inch taller than me. Anyway, she had to live in the Palace with me and start training - I was always curious about her fighting so from time-to-time she would train me too, secretly. Afterwards, we would walk around the Palace pulling pranks, and just talking.

"Hold up, Sayuri!" Yua told me as she had stopped a few feet back, curious as to what got her attention, I walked back beside her and looked in the direction she was looking.

And then I saw my mother talking to an old man, but beside them, was a boy. He seemed to be around our age, maybe a little older, with black hair that was slightly spiky, ivory skin, and light gray eyes.
I could tell instantly that Yua liked him, and the successivo day, my mother introduced him to us. His name was Hayato, and he would be training with Yua to become a Guardian as well. Yua was absolutely thrilled upon hearing that.
And so, the three of us started hanging out and gradually became closer and closer. I learned that Hayato was a really great guy. Always polite, a little rambunctious, and totally clueless - he was like a brother to me. But, he really liked me.... and that led to mine and Yua's first argument.
We were at our preferito spot, where we always hang out to get away from everything, The Treehouse.

"Why does Hayato like te più than me?" she questioned furiously.

"I don't know, but te know he has to be a fool for not falling for you, Yua." I offered to try and comfort her, and it was true, Yua was such a great friend, much better than me.

But she took my sentiment the wrong way.

"Don't call him that!" she snapped.

"Sorry...." I apologized.

"I mean, what do you have that I don't?" she detto quite harshly.

"What are te saying?" I asked her.

She glared at me, and I was taken aback da her hostile expression, Yua was never like this with me.
"I mean, how can he see that a worthless, spineless, and insecure girl like te could possibly be worthy of love?!" She all but shouted it at me and I gasped sharply - tears began welling up at her cold words.

"I don't know!" My temper was flaring up. "Why won't te go ask him!" I shouted at her and turned sharply and ran away from her.

I ran past the Dark Woods and ended up at my thinking place - the spiaggia with its sparkling white sand, Dream Sweeped Beach.
As the tears fell from my eyes, I walked along the puntellare, riva - the sea looked darker tonight, almost black.

What was up with Yua, anyway? She had no right to say all those mean things to me... but yet... why did it feel to me that what she detto was true? Ever since that night, and all of that darkness came out from me, I have been worthless. I became insecure about who I am because of it, and Lost confidence in myself and thus became a little.... 'spineless.'
I sighed, and stopped my mindless walking and gazed up into the midnight sky, at the big and bright full moon. In a way, I was like my own moon... full of light - I think - yet surrounded da darkness. But what are the stars for? What were they in my life?

Suddenly a strange dark portal appeared in front of me, and it soon spread to where it was all around me. I summoned my Key - I've had it ever since that night the darkness came - and prepared to fight.

But then the unexpected happened. The darkness spread to the ground underneath me and I was pulled into it - with the sight of the moon fading away from my vision.....

And that's when I ended up here, a prisoner to the darkness. That is, until I escaped it; and here I am now running to find a way out of this dark, forgotten world.... Where was the light?

So... what'd ya think? If te have any questions, then plz ask away! Let me know what te think about this so I can continue!:)
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