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"Take this!"Cloud said,obliterating the first line of the Heartless with Omnislash.Sora and I followed up with a little Keyblade Badass Mode,killing the successivo two.
We were backed against a dead end bacheca of Twilight Town,the world named after me,Twilight Hyru.The army of heartless was pushing us against the wall.We were killing them left and right,but they just kept coming,more and più on the front line every time we eliminated one.
"You know what?"I detto to my companions,"Screw it.Hold the line."
"What are te gonna do,"Sora asked,using his Keyblade to repel the Heartless rather than killing them.Cloud did the same with his Buster Sword.
"Don't worry about it,"I answered.
I took my Keyblade and attacked the bacheca behind us,making two long cuts in the bacheca in the shape of an X.Then I kicked the bacheca once.It creaked.I kicked it again.It cracked and shuttered.I kicked it once more.The section of the bacheca splintered and caved.Behind it,a Dark Corridor stood waiting.
"I don't know where it leads and it's highly unstable,but it'll do.We have to go in the span of two seconds,so on three.One...Two...THREE!"
We ran for the portal.First Sora made it,then Cloud,and Twilight followed just as it closed.
We looked around.We had arrived in Agrabah.
"We should be fine here."Sora said,but then he turned around.We did too.We saw a huge dust cloud.In the middle there was a big black huge blob.It shown with the yello eyes of thousands of heartless.
"You've got to be kidding me!"I detto angrily.We summoned our weapons,and got ready to fight to the end.

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