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Boom.The gates were ready to cave in.They were the only thing stopping the heartless from swarming us.Boom.Bits of debris fell from the stone arch where the gates were secured.It was ready to give.Mickey raised his Keyblade,signaling the archers to ready their crossbows.Boom.More debris.The stone cracked.What happened successivo was amazingly fast.It happened all at once.
The gate fell,the archers fired,and Mickey,Sora,and I attacked.As usual,however,every heartless killed was replaced da another.This time would be different,I thought to myself.We held them off okay da ourselves,but now we had Mickey 's Army.Soon enough,though,the heartless managed to separate us from the army.We got pushed to the innermost section of the courtyard,while the army's numbers got pushed to the front gate.
"Mickey,we could really use a way out of here!"I shouted over the noise of thousands of heartless moving at once.He facepalmed.
"Why didn't I think of that?SHUT THE GATE!!!!!!!"He yelled.It was done,and that bought us some time.
"Follow me!"He told us.We did as we were told.And with that we descended into the halls of the castle.

Hours Pass

We stood atop a hill,overlooking the destruction that used to be Disney Castle.We failed to defend it,and now,the once great towers were reduced to rubble.What was left was on fire.All destroyed.And what's worse was that the swarm,albeit smaller,was beginning to emerge from the outer walls.Then,I saw something I had never seen before.Several of them combined to form a huge heartless.A Darkside.It turned and looked right at us.It began heading toward us,faster than any other heartless I've ever seen.In a matter of seconds,it had crossed the field and began climbing the hill.We all drew weapons.At that very moment,the darkside reached the superiore, in alto of the hill.
The darkside roared.It swung it's arm at Mickey.It made contact,and he flew far off.Sora ran to his aid.I jumped at the darkside.It swung it's arm at me,but I was ready.I dived,and he missed.His arm got stuck in the ground.That was my chance.I hopped onto his arm and climbed it I managed to stab my buster sword into his shoulder.He roared in agony.He managed to shake me loose.I hit the ground hard,and I stayed there.The darkside stood over me.It opened it's mouth to deliver the final blow.Light surged at the back of his throat.He was about to blast me.Suddenly,two keyblades stabbed through the back of his mouth.Like all giant heartless,he began to melt.Sora and Mickey hopped off of his back.By then,he was not much più than a huge blob.My buster sword came loose from it's place in his shoulder.It fell and stabbed in the ground,not even two inches from my face.

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