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TheAdventGhost posted on May 10, 2012 at 10:08AM
Alright, create your character with the following info






Keyblade name and type:

Somebody or Nobody:

Anything else you want us to know:


1. Have fun

2. No need to kill others

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più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: I cant fully believe that Neo is speaking and not whoever he is not.

Gtg be back in 9-12 hours please dont do more of this until im online again, I like this part. Its fun.
più di un anno fa Shadowsign said…
"Let me go!" Izzy ordered, yanking her arm away. "I'm not going to lose him."
più di un anno fa Shadowsign said…
(Kay, I'm off too then. Need sleep. Wait for me.)
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
(Alright, just gonna post one last thing)
???: *appears near the area* Believe me, that is him, *bearing an exact resemblance to Neo, except covered by purple aura* Because, I'm his shadow,
Neo: *still screaming in pain from the transformation*
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: YOU WONT LOOSE HIM, IT PROBABLY HAPPENS EVERY NIGHT! (Thinking: Fine, I wont try to, but I still need to keep my guard up)

*Trixin Arrives Still Draggin Lenex*

Trixin: Sorry Im late, Lenex went to the Organization, who knows why and drew alot of attention.

Slenxo: So thats what was going on.

Trixin: *Turns around* A few questions, why are there two Neos, is that Neo, what is going on, and Xandra, why are you wearing the hood and sunglasses?

Xandra: Thats his shadow, yes, Im not 100% sure, but I think Neo is transforming to his "true form" but asked for us to not try and restrain him. And to the question about me, you dont need to know, lets just say I didnt get to finish my training.

Trixin: Alright whatever, so what are we to do here?

Xandra: Just keep your guard up.

Trixin: But didnt he sa-

Xandra: We arent to restrain him unless we have to. Still have your defense up. *Brings out keyblade just to be safe* (Note: The keyblade *in the pic I posted around a page somewhere 60s actually, the pic below* where it was blackish became pure white and where it was purple it became really light blue)

Trixin: Whats with the Keyblade?

Xandra: None of what you need to know.

Trixin: Fine. *summonds Keyblade*

Slenxo: I dont want to be the odd card out. *Summonds Keyblade*
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: My shadow,
Shadow Neo: Long time no see,
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Trixin: I dont think we need to do much.

Xandra: B-

Slenxo: But still, keep your guard up! There you go Xandra, I saved your breath.

Xandra: *Makes the -_- face* Thanks.
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: This world shall be drowned in darkness, just like all the others.
Neo: *finished with the transformation, spikes come from his arms, and his teeth all sharp*
Shadow Neo: So, it's exposed, it seems Valzovo chose the right one after all.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: *still listening* Im guessing you guys can guess what I am gonna say correct?

Trixin: No.

Xandra: Well, let Neo take care of his shadow, if he fails w-

Trixin: Ik ik.

Xandra: Slenxo?

Slenxo: Yeah I know
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: Your true form has been shown, now the question is, will you join me?
Neo: There's no way, I'd ever join you
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: *Continues to watch/listen*

O if I take a while to respond, that means I got caught up in my Vocaloids
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: I see,
Neo: *stands up* Let's end this, for sure this time. *summons his 2 blades*
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più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: This may be interesting, Ive never seen Neo fight.

Trixin: Neither Have we.
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: Always ready to fight, *summons dark creatures* If you want to battle me, meet me at the location, you should remember, *laughs then disappears*
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: Can you fill me in on whats going on Neo?
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: My shadow, born from Valzovo, is trying to drown every universe in darkness, to create a new universe. The only way this will end, is if I can finally defeat my shadow this time.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: So this is what happens when you get adventurous friends...... *sighs* Go ahead, we will take care of these creatures right?

Trixin: Shouldnt be too hard

Slenxo: Nope, not hard at all.
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più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: *nods* Thank you, *disappears*
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: *sighs* Lets get to work, there are plenty to rid of. *Puts away her Keyblade by making it vanish*

Trixin: Wait why did you-

Xandra: Just wait. *Places one hand on top of the other and the hand on top is raised making a keyblade between the two hands, but the keyblade did not look like a solid, but more like a blackish purplish mist shaping like a keyblade* This is why.

Slenxo: Why didnt you just use both?

Xandra: They are opposites, they cant work together yet.

Slenxo: Yet?

Xandra: I didnt finish working on this one. Now Just shutup and get to work.

Trixin and Slenxo: Fine, *Summonds Keyblades*

The three start attacking the creatures
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: Why? Why must you try to keep yourself away?
Neo: Because I'm not like you, I don't want these worlds to be drowned in darkness.
Shadow Neo: Yet, you bear the power of it.
Neo: So what. It's not like it matters that I have this power, when I'm done with you, tell Valzovo to never try this again.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra slides under one of the creatures to dodge one of the attacks and strikes from behind killing it. Although from all the movement caused her hood fall down but her sunglasses stayed on, revealing what was nearly pitch black hair was now as white as snow. She attempted to put her hood back on before anyone was to notice, but a creature striked towards her giving her no time to put the hood back and dodge.

Slenxo and Trixin: X-

Xandra: Dont comment, Ill explain it later its to long of a story to explain it in battle. Forcus on fighting. Minus well remove the glasses as well. *Removes her glasses revealing that the part that was once blue was now white and what was white is now black* These were such a hold back, sunglasses make it harder to see at night. *Strikes killing the next 3 creatures*
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Im going offline for about half an hour
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: *begins to clash with Shadow Neo* I'll make sure, that I get rid of you for good.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Trixin: This is a very interesting night...... *Kills one of the creature*

Slenxo: Sure is. *Kills one*

Xandra: Just forcus.*Kills one*
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: You're still weak, you'll never be able to compare to me!
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Trixin: So many of them, geez, did you have to sign us up for this?

Xandra: Its not that much that you would let a world perish, just to get out of it now is it.

Trixin: I guess it isnt......

Xandra: So continue killing them off, I think we are about a fourth way done.

Slenxo: I so should of done more training, Im already getting tired......

Xandra: Well with stand it!

Slenxo: Ik.

Xandra: I have to admit that this is taking forever and I am getting tired of sword combat *The mist like keyblade vanishes, but the mist wraps around Xandra's right arm/hand* Im going to hand to hand combat. *Attacks the creatures*
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: Shut up! *constant clashing with Shadow Neo*
Shadow Neo: I see, so you are much better than we thought.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: There isnt an end to them! Geez! Ive been fighting for days straight before this and now Im even getting tired.

Slenxo: I havent really fought for days and Im even more tired!

Trixin: Im just tired.
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: I don't see why you didn't join Valzovo, your power is amazing
Neo: This is the only time and the only place I can use my true full power.
Shadow Neo: I see, but don't think this means I'll go easy,
Neo: Whatever.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: I cannot keep up with this, Im gonna do something crazy, that I am not the best at controling yet.

Trixin: What do you mean?

Xandra: I can go beserk of anger at any one any second, and after I am in the state, I dont know if I remember how to return back to this state. Im just warning you and do not do anything that would make me the slightest bit angry, if you do, I am probably gonna go berserk on you against my will and I get angry easier in that state.

Trixin: Okay, and I know even if I told you not to you still will, so go ahead.

Xandra: *Switches Keyblade* *Thinking: Drana, the mixed princess.......* *Smiles and raises the white keyblade up to the moon and the keyblade melts onto the scar on her left shoulder and she begins to transform (pic below)*

Slenxo: Wow.

Xandra: I went through a lot of work and training to be able to get to this form and remember as much as I do now. I am Drana, the princess of light and darkness, also known as the mixed princess. Heres another heads up, the dark my color gets to black, the less I have control. *Whips her tail across the many creatures, cutting their group in half*

Trixin: Wow, just wow. I can just barely believe that is Xandra.

Xandra: Drana! *snapped*

Trixin: Ill be quiet.
 Xandra: I cannot keep up with this, Im gonna do something crazy, that I am not the best at controling
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: *uses a dark fireball at close distance and fires Neo to a wall*
Neo: Darn it, it's not over yet! *shakes it off and charges after Shadow Neo*
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra thinking: Im not used to wings four legs a tail or anything of my body at all, it like learning how to walk again. *Stretches wings out* Okay now lets try flying *flaps wings once gets about a foot or two up but falls* Okay no flying yet lets just work with the tail. *Slaps tail against the ground cracking the floor* Ow! That hurt! *Continues slaping her tail against the floor sometimes missing hurting herself but sometimes hitting killing off some creatures*

Slenxo: *whispers to Trixin* It doesnt seem that she knows how to use her body much, I guess we still have to keep on working while she figures things out.

Trixin: *whispers back* Yeah. *turns around and continues to fight the creatures*
più di un anno fa Shadowsign said…
(Sorry I wasn't on all day. I've been working on m my gender swapped Sora costume.)
Izzy clashed viciously with the shadow creatures, ignoring the injuries she gained.
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: *still clashing, giving off more force*
Shadow Neo: Wow, you're much more powerful here,
Neo: Trust me, you haven't seen anything yet. *Slashes the Shadow's blade out of his hand*
Shadow Neo: What?! But how?!!!
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: Izzy, we will get to Neo as soon as we finish up here okay? Just to be safe, you heard what I said to trixin right?
più di un anno fa Shadowsign said…
"Not listening," Izzy snapped, blood flowing down her cheek. "I can't believe he ditched me again!"
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra turned slightly gray.

Xandra thinking: Why does she hate me so?!

Trixin: *whispers to Slenxo* The color.......

Slenxo: *whispers back* Please dont get any darker.

Xandra: You didnt have to snap at me I was just asking you a question! *Turns to a slightly light grey color*
più di un anno fa Shadowsign said…
"Stop wasting your time on me and try swinging your tail where it'll hit the creatures instead of us," she ordered. Izzy couldn't care less what Xandra or the others did. She needed to get to Neo now!
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: *Turned to a slightly dark gray and was about to slap Izzy with her tail but held back* I cant hold my self back from hurting you when Im pissed, you are such an ignorant idiotic brat! *Slaps creatures* I was just making sure you understood, but obviously you dont! Do you not think I want to get Neo back too!

Slenxo: Izzy doesnt seem to understand when to stop!

Trixin: Shes digging a ditch.
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Shadow Neo: So, as long as it's within your heart, you'll fight for them.
Neo: Heh, of course. Because there's nothing more important, than my friends.
Shadow Neo: I see,
Neo: I'll end it here, *Slashes right through Shadow Neo*
Shadow Neo: *fades*
Neo: It's over, *disappears back to the Radiant Gardens, as the creatures disappear* Izzy... I'm sorry...
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più di un anno fa Shadowsign said…
"Enough!" Fire twisted around her again, glaring at Xandra. "I don't have to deal with any of you!" Spinning around, Izzy broke through the ranks, tearing apart creatures as she ran.
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: Izzy, please.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra: *Turns black*

Xandra thinking: *What she can see slowly fades into pure pitch black darkness* Dang it, Im lossing my control! Gotta stop my self!

Trixin: *eyes grow wide* Dang it Izzy! You went to far!

Xandra slaps her tail on the ground making alrge cracks going throughout the floor.

Slenxo: Crazy!
più di un anno fa Shadowsign said…
Izzy ignored them, finding herself on the ground with the sudden tremor.
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: I see, so this is what's happening, *using his bare hands, stops Xandra's tail from moving any longer* Stop, please, remember who you are!
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra just growls and roars whipping it back and forth.

Xandra thinking: I wish I got to finish my training. *Sees the small dot of light far in the distance and begins to try to swim through the currents of darkness pushing her back downwards* I must get there, I musnt get any deeper!
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: Alright, I see how we're doing this, *drops the tail and runs around her to jump to her head* It seems you have no control, so let me help you, *puts a hand to the head* NOW! LIGHT, GRANT CONTROL!!! *giving off countless amounts of light*
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra thinking: *The light grew a lot larger* O its so close! *Almost reaches it but gets pushed down 4 yards by a rush of darkness*

Xandra shakes head to try to get Neo off.
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: *hanging on* I don't think so, *giving off more and more countless amounts of light*
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Xandra thinking: Almost there! *graps onto the shining light*

Xandra falls to the floor with a large thump, unconscious, and returns to the normal state with a human shape but still the white hair and all.