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RocknRoxas13 posted on Sep 21, 2009 at 06:09AM
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più di un anno fa Brod399 said…
Name:Brandon(only nobody to use his original name)
Original name:Brandon
Title:The darknesses light
Power:Gravity, Blue fire
Weapon:A giant fan
Appearance:5'10,Tall and black short curly hair has a long black and white scarf and has a gold star necklace that lets him see the futrue.
Eyes:light brown
Personality:He is the nicest out of the all the members and can be sassy at times.
About him:His best friends are Axel and Roxas. And he is the younger brother of Lexaeus. And also third in command because he has the record for killing the most heartless.
Limit:opens the fan and it separates into two smaller ones.Then using gravity he pins his enemies down and then summons a blue fire tornado and runs them over with it.
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più di un anno fa Vexil said…
Name: Vexil
Sombody's name: Levi
Title: The Twilight Traveler
Rank: None, Rogue Nobody
Power: Darkness and Light
Appearacnce:6'0", light gray hair (neck length), Yellow cat-like eyes, wears a black Organization cloak with white around the seams.
Weapon: Claws, a white claw with a black gem on the left, and a black claw with a white gem on the right.
Profile: He remembers his past, his true name, and how he fell into darkness. He journies the Multiverse looking for the Heartless that was his heart so he can be whole again.
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più di un anno fa Invader-Tak said…
Name: Jaedx

Sombody's name: Jade (my real name)

Title: The Bright-eyed Warrior

Rank: Don't really care

Power: Draw my power from the SUN! (similar to Saix's moon power except I don't go berserk)

Weapon: Two Flame-bergs! (they're like curvy swords lit with fire. if you still don't know, google it)

Appearnce: Female, straight Brown hair with slight orange tips, brown eyes, slim.

Personality: Always looking on the brighter side of things and loves to hang out with Axel, her best friend.

Story: A childhood friend of Lea and Isa. They were separated when their hearts were stolen by the heartless but reunited by Organisation XIII.
So began a new life. Missions after missions. And when her jobs for today were finished Jaedx would kick back and chill out with Axel watching the sunset on the clock tower eating sea-salt ice-cream.
Little did Organisation XIII know that Jaedx had a shard of her heart left still inside her. She has only faint 'real' emotions. Of course, she thought she was a 'pure Nobody' and begins to wonder why she feels strong special feelings towards Axel.

Yes... I LOVE AXEL!!! XD (seriously I do...)
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più di un anno fa jordang123 said…
name:gen(the real organizaion leader)
sombodys name:jordan
tile:the dark keyblade master
weapon:2 keyblades
power:flying and darknes
più di un anno fa jordang123 said…
i love kingdom haerts
più di un anno fa Yugiwan said…
Name: Xyntos
Original Name: Rhonin Redhair
Title: The Rune keeper
Power: Runemagic
Weapon: Runestaff
Appearance: Red Hair, Runes on his robe, red eyes, tall
Personality: mystical and misterious, he is like he has a dark secret
Rank: unknown
Limit: Runeblast: All Runes on opponents blasts away and deals many Damage!
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più di un anno fa Xaref said…
Heres mine:

Name: Xaref (Shz-air-af)

Somebody: no real name, known as Fire

Title: The Soulless Wanderer

Power: Commands shadow flames

Weapon: Obsidian knives that are stored inside his fingertips, but grow at will. He can shoot them out, but they are attached to lifelines of crimson energy which he controls at will.

Appearence:When not wearing the XIII cloak, he normally has on a long, dark red cloak, but with the same hood and hood straps (the dangally silver diamonds next to the zipper's top). He has emo-style hair, black with red tip-highlights. He has soulless black eyes, but they turn a dark crimson shade when he is enraged.

Background: Mostly takes his anger out in training, but if you are in the field with him when he gets angry, just turn him towards your enemy, and get out of the way. It may not seem like it, but he is very protective of his friends.

Rank: XVIII (18)

Limit 1: Knive shoot out of his hands, then split into millions of large shards that fly into opponents, then control them, making them attack each other.
Limit 2: Knives, shurikin, katana, and knife blades (large knife-shaped blade) and other objects fly out of his sleeves while attached to strings, which fly around randomly, striking-and effectively killing-his opponents.
 Heres mine: Name: Xaref (Shz-air-af) Somebody: no real name, known as fuoco Title: The Soulle
più di un anno fa Jv611 said…
I got one =j
Sombody name: Zero
Nobodies name:Xorez
Title: The traitor
Rank: 0
Power: control over stars
Appearence: Wears the organazation XIII outfit in white
Eye color:silver
Hair color: silver
Weapon: A shard of a black star that morphs into a longsword called the black ace
Zero was only 16 when he was turned into a nobody. While gazing at the stars at night he noticed a shining black star it then flew towards him and shattered. One of the shards had landed next to Zero and the dark aura caused Xeroz and Zero's nobody to be born. Xeroz joined organization XIII looking for answers about a the pieces of the black star. He than later betrayed the organization and now fights against them. He seems like a nice person with a kind heart (even though he dosent have one) but when wielding the black ace he grows dark and sinister and a black aura glows around him. If the black aura grows to much the shards of the black star returns to Xeroz and form the keyblade of darkness i created from the black star itself
più di un anno fa KingGreer21 said…
Name: Trinix
Nobody's Name: Rimnas
Title: Shadow Stalker
Power: None, just gymnastically agile
Weapon: Rorn and Trin, twin rapiers that have silver hilts and midnight black blades that seem to give off an arua of death
Eye Color: Piercingly dark blue
Hair Color: Black
Rank: XXI
Age: 16
Apperance: 6 feet tall, atheleticlly built, Hair that reaches the end of his neck in the back, slightly below his ears on the sides, and just long enough to cover his eyes in the front. He wears a black long sleeved shirt with the sleeves ending at his elbows, a hooded black vest, skinny black jeans and black shoes. The only thing he wears that isnt black is his necklace, a silver star on a silver chain.
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
Here is mine!

Name: Xickmey

Somebody's Name: Mickey

Title: The Omega Mouse!

Power: Can summon Kingdom Key D!

Weapon: Kingdom Key D and Twilight Oathkeeper!

Appearance: Like Mickey, except with eye color of Axel!

Personality: Like Mickey, but with a quick-to-anger touch!

Rank: XXV

Limit: He attacks everything and everyone in his path, with a red-hot temper!

 Here is mine! Name: Xickmey Somebody's Name: Mickey Title: The Omega Mouse! Power: Can summon Kin
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
lol i want cake!
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
Here's my second one!

Name: Xikru

Somebody's Name: Riku

Title: The Soulblade's Chosen!

Power: Can wield Soul Eater, Soulblade, and Oblivion Keyblades(last two), plus a sword(first one)!

Weapon: Mainly the Soulblade!

Appearance: Like Blindfolded Riku, but without the blindfold!

Personality: Similar to Ansem's!

Rank: XXVI

Limit: He summons the Riku Replica to demolish all enemies!

più di un anno fa Number_15 said…

This is what he looks like!
 This is what he looks like!
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
Here's my third one!

Name: Xia

Somebody's Name: A.I.

Title: The Psychic Master!

Powers: Same as Zexion

Weapons: 2 Wrist Blades!

Appearance: Like a princess, but with the robes of the Organization, blue lips, bushy moderately purple hair, and dark purple eyes.

Personality: Unknown as of now.


Limit: She gets inside her enemy's mind, then flattens it!

 Here's my third one! Name: Xia Somebody's Name: A.I. Title: The Psychic Master! Powers: Same as Z
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
Here's my fourth one!

Name: Xukler

Somebody's Name: Luker

Title: The Keyblade Creator!

Powers: Can use his own custom Keyblades.


Appearance: Like Unknown, but only with hood.

Personality: Fights everyone. Is a lone wolf(metaphor).

Rank: XXVIII(28)

Limit: He goes into a crazy fit of rage, smashing everyone and everything that comes near!
 Here's my fourth one! Name: Xukler Somebody's Name: Luker Title: The Keyblade Creator! Powers: Ca
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
The Keyblades shown last are his weapons. This time it's him.
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
Here's my 5th one!

Name: Xyclone

Somebody's Name: Clone Y

Title: The Clone Master

Powers: Can clone anything and anyone.

Weapons: Clone Sword and Cloneblade

Appearance: Same as Xukler

Personality: Same as Xaldin

Rank: XXVIV(29)

Limit: He reveals the darkness inside of him, and destroys all enemies via the darkness.

 Here's my 5th one! Name: Xyclone Somebody's Name: Clone Y Title: The Clone Master Powers: Can clo
più di un anno fa Number_15 said…
Here's my 6th and final one!

Name: Sonxic

Somebody's Name: Sonic

Title: The Fastest Ultimate Life Form Alive!

Powers: Chaos Control and Sonic Wind, as well as Chaos Blast and Sonic Meteor.

Weapon: A Red Chaos Emerald.

Appearance: Like a Manic Recolor/Edit.

Personality: Half Sonic's, half Shadow's.

Rank: XXX(30)

Limit: Unleashes A HUGE Chaos Blast!

 Here's my 6th and final one! Name: Sonxic Somebody's Name: Sonic Title: The Fastest Ultimate Life
più di un anno fa Sora2797 said…
i thoght the name of the nobody was the name of the somebody scrambled up with an x somewhere in it.
più di un anno fa anitmony said…
name: marcie
original name: mirta
title: illusion master
power: illusions that hurt
weapon: magic sword
appearance: sexy mama(mirta from winx club only hotter)
rank: XXXI
limit: can break someones bone with an illusion
 name: marcie original name: mirta title: illusion master power: illusions that hurt weapon: magic swo
più di un anno fa infernofox said…
This is mainly true even the names and parts of the life story honestly i really do love her and am still tring to get her to love me......

nobodys name: Deymion
original name: Derrek
title: Demion caller
power: Calling opon demons, turns all the darkness or light around him and turn them in to two blades like clouds, uses extra darkness to fuel rage and enhance his strength
weapon: Deaths Blades
apperance: pitch black hair long in the back and spiked in the front, wears a white ripped cape, white baggy pants, Pitch black baggy pants, bronze arm pad, sholdier pad, and a knee pad

personality: A protective person around girls and friends will take a hit anytime for a girl :) loves to draw and work on sumoning new demons
rank: XXXlll
limit: takes in to much darkness and grows devil wings and flys around cutting everything in his way
speical limit: uses his devil wings to fly high up and slam hard in the ground hiting everything in his vincity
last legs: takes in all the light and darkness around him and puts it in to arua balls

Life Story: He grew up in a small town known as Treverse Town, Derrek grew up with only two friends his right hand man Issack and the girl of his dreams Nastashia. he spent about 5 years trying to get her to like him. one day Issack introduced Derrek to blacksmithing and Derrek started to make his amazing one handed blades. Next Derrek showed Nastashia how to do this and she made herself "light knifes". 4 weeks later after Derrek, Issack, and Nastashia had ruled over everyone else in town including Leon set a goal to go and explore the whole universe. That night Derrek went to visit Nastashia and to start making plans to get out of Treverse Town. On Derreks way home a GIANT black hole opened by the fountian, and a mysterious figure poped out. Derrek tried his best to defend the town but was defeated he was transported threw the darkness to Twilight Town and have been looking for Nastashia (and her love) and Issack. Right now hes still searching for them both he has made a few new friends along the way.
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più di un anno fa thehedgehog said…
Sombody's name: new
Title:the deadly hollow
Power: hidden power
più di un anno fa thehedgehog said…
weapon: keyblade(shadow)
più di un anno fa mayflyxxx said…

Name: May
Nobody name: Zyam
Age: 14
Looks: She has black hair but with light on it is red her eyes turn diffent colour depending on what mood she is
Specail Abilities: Can use what ever weapon she likes. Haves the power over everything
But do’s not know how to use her power
Character they are most like: Saix and Roxas
Gender: girl ♥
Short bio: she is the daughter of Xmenus somebody (sorry about spelling mestacks)
Born with out a heart
Power Level: unlimted
Darkness or Light: both
Other: Narmia is her best mate . She hates using the eternal blades
più di un anno fa LostKid said…
Organization XIII Roll Play (RP) is what this was for. Delete your comments or join or else your wasting your own time doing this
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più di un anno fa mayflyxxx said…
ohh forgot hearts hair is starght and i mean Xemnas i'm a really bad at spelling

/I'm not A Nobady coz i have a heart./ <-----My motto got it memrized
più di un anno fa silverraven333 said…
Name: Xilon
Somebody's Name: Olin
Title: The Sniper of the Shadows
Rank: CCCXXXIII (333)
Power: Darkness
Weapon: Sword and Arrowgun
Appearance: Tall and moderately wide, with brown medium-short length hair with black streaks. Light tan skin. Eye color dark brown, almost black. Tattoo of grim reaper on his left cheek.
Personality: Quiet, aloof. Sort of apart from others unless he knows them. Likes to stick to the shadows, and attack unexpectedly. Due to his shy personality, not much is known about him.
Limit: If close to enemies, uses darkness infused power with his sword. If enemies are far away, shoots bullets into the ground, where a void opens up. Directly after, 50 bullets shoot out of the other end of the void, directly below all enemies in range.
Bio: Found as a mercenary in the World that Never Was by Axel. In truth, he was hiding to ambush Axel and kill him ("Are you Axel?" "Who wants to know?" Xilon fired a warning shot. Axel summons his chakrams. "What's the big idea Xigbar?" "Xigbar? As if. I know him, but I'm here to kill you." Fight ensues), but he was captured and brought back to the Castle. A poor shot with the arrowgun before Xigbar found him. Xigbar sort of showed him the ropes and taught him how to shoot fast and accurately. Learned a bit of swordsmanship from Saix and Lexaeus, but mostly taught himself swordplay.
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più di un anno fa Sykxe said…
Somebodys name: Skye
Title: The Abandoned Consequence
Power: Creeping Time

Appearance: 5'1'' with crimson spiral cut hair. Ice blue eyes.
Wears a tattered organizatioin XIII coat (which she'd tore in a rampage when she first entered the organization) The fron drapes to her knees, the sides are slit to mid thigh length, and the back drags the ground.

Personalit: Generally quiet for she prefers to speak to herself. She tends to be a loner, for she is still searching for answers to why she even exsists. When befriended (though however difficult it may be) she proves to be a trustworthy ally who will help as much as she can (so much as to assist allies before looking out for herself)

Weapon: Tonfa
Abilities: She does not have many offensive attacks, for she professes in defensive manuevering. She has great flexability, which she uses to dodge oncoming attacks, and frustrate her enemies.
più di un anno fa slushy56234 said…
Nobody name: Xiley
Real name: Riley
Gender: GIRL
Rank: LXXVI (76)
Power: Can bring deamons up to kill people and fire and space
Weapen: Guitar that came become sharp so she can stab people in the face!!! And a few guns that she uses for long distance ranging
Age: 15
Apperence: light blond short hair that's spiked in the back and volumized. And always wears a hat or the hood on the organizations cloak. And sometimes she wears her own clothes. ice blue eyes and long eyelashes.
Hobbies: Reading, playing her guitar, killing things, tryin gto be intimidating to all the cute guys she can find. She has a crush on like four of them
più di un anno fa Sykxe said…
Forgot to add my age xD soz! Sykxe is 17 years old
più di un anno fa Sora22 said…
Nobodies name:Arxon
Title: The Enraged Berserker
Power: Earth
Organization Number: 777
Apperance:Red Eyes, Red Hair

più di un anno fa manga545 said…
Original Name:Emo X3(she was called freak or emo kid so yea)
Power: Darkness
Weapon: Twin Theif Blades(black in color)
Looks: Hair so black it burns, white gray eyes, pale, short and thin.
Best friend: Xigbar
Was stabbed in heart by (exept twin would be more light than darkness O.o)twin sister, and found in land of dragons by Xigbar. Has heart, though it has stopped beating. Xigbar assigned as "babysitter" as he put it, though he says she is annoying and a burden, really doesn't mind hanging out with her.
più di un anno fa Rixec said…
Organization name: Rixec

Somebody Name: Richard

Title: Heartless

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Fav. Food: Sea Salt Ice Cream

Power: Control over Heartless

Weapon: Fenrir Keyblade

Organization #: 39

Attire: Standard Organization Uniform

Eye Color: As Yellow as Heartless eyes

Hair Color: Black

Hair style: Same as Axel’s

Skin color: as black as a heartless

Build: Same as Roxas

Description: Rixec was found by Roxas when he went to attack Riku at Memory Skyscraper. Rixec has a tattoo of the Heartless symbol on his back, which is his weak spot. Rixec sacrificed himself to save his friend Medy (Now Known as Demyx). Demyx still gets nervous around Rixec thinking "how are you here? I saw you die..."
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più di un anno fa sexyzexylover said…
Name: Canthex
Original Name: Cathrina
Title: The secret Arouser
Power:Future teller
Weapon:Crystal orb
Apperance:Deep Red hair black streakes dark opal eyes
Limit: future can change with every choice
più di un anno fa Roxas_Axel said…
Sombody's name:Aaron
Title:The Bladed Phantom
Rank:XVII (17)
Limit:Raining Swords
Weapon:Double edged Katana
più di un anno fa tailsdoll said…
heres mine
name: xavior
sombodys name: hunk (yes from resident evil)
title: unseen blade
wepon: knife with a spiked tip
Apperance: gas mask (in other words ugly as can be) wearing lots of armor.
rank: xiiii
power: thousands of knives follow him allowing him th throw them with his mind
known to do: he follows sora and riku and attempts to kill them when ever ke can
without his mask: he looks like jason forheevs
più di un anno fa Sora2797 said…
its not xiiii its xiv
più di un anno fa onix11 said…
Name: Onix
Origanal name: Blaze
Title: The clocked dream
Weapon: The nightmare sword
Apperance: Orginaizations coat, 5'11 and husky. Black hair and black eyes.
age: 17
Power: To take over a weak heart and form darkness into it.
Known to: He is constantly searching for his original self. But his searching has become fruitless. But now he has discovered him at disney castle.

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più di un anno fa Xero_XV said…
Not to be offensive, but none (or at least almost none) of you seem to know what time and knowledge it takes into becoming a member of what can be considered a high society group or "organization" such as this. Firstly, the ranks are not the numbers, they are reffered to as your 'grounds' of determined respect and rights of availability to things such as background information on missions or quality in your wares/equipment. For example you could be a rookie, an agent, or furthur more a legand. Secondly, the numbers are reffered to as only the place at which you joined the organization. This can be reffered to as the number. Thirdly, you are all for get your place in the organization. Example: Zexion is titled the Cloaked Schemer, but his place in the organization is the Tactician. Everything else is fine except your missing the weapons and their name, and the way you spell out your nobody's names. You are take name in which you are reffered to and mix it around anding an 'X'. For instance, we've all seen....
più di un anno fa Xero_XV said…
Xemnas take Sora's name, arrange it to ROAS, and added an 'X' in between. However, few know how 'Xemnas' came out of 'Xehanort'. That's because it didn't. When Xehanort became a heartless he named himself Ansem, after his master, Ansem the Wise. Ever since, he had been referred to as Ansem. If these letters are taken (ANSEM) and rearranged (EMNAS) and we and the 'X' to beginning, we get XEMNAS. Funny, no? Now I'll post professionalised info on how it really works on my next reply.
più di un anno fa Xero_XV said…
Name: Xero
Original Name: Mike Roe (usually referred to as Roe)
Number: XV (15)
Weapon: Staff
Weapon Name: Psyche's Septor
Power: Psychokinesis
Power given through the darkness before becoming a nobody: Telekinesis
Title: Psyche Inquisitor
Place in the Organization: The Philosopher and Visionary
Rank: Master Agent
Special Entitlement: Savior to the Organization (The organization is gone, thanks to Sora. Somebody's got to bring them back. This can be done, only by Xero, by taking whats left of the members and remaking their weapons, mastering their techniques, and unleashing their full power. In the chaos of the moment, the member, belonging to that weapon, is reborn. Xemnas will be the hardest to recreate [its hard to recreate esther blades] a savior should take it upon his shoulders to do this)
Apperance and Personality will be added in my next reply.
più di un anno fa Xero_XV said…
His Appearance is as follows:
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 158 lbs
Eye Color: as Yellow as Xemnas's (pupils turn white when he has a vision)
Hair Color/Style: Short, Brown, slight blonde highlights, and bangs are gelled upward
Skin Tone: Moderate Tan; not like suffer tan, but not caucasian white
Special Details: The build of a well-toned 17 yr old, mature face tone mixed with a young, soft tone (mature face-build like Riku's with Sora's young, soft tone), even with those scorching yellow eyes, there holds the warm, soft glare that these eyes used to have when they were Dark Brown with a hint of Hazel-Green
Personality will be added in the next reply.
più di un anno fa deathlyRiku said…
um xero you a nerd
più di un anno fa deathlyRiku said…
more in my next post
più di un anno fa deathlyRiku said…
xero you must b so far up yourself lolz itz jst a game
più di un anno fa shadow13275 said…
My first:
Name: Xantet
Sombody's name: Netta
Title: The Crescent Hurler
Rank: XXII
Power: Crescent Moon

My second:
Name: Xylon
Sombody's name: Olyn
Title: The Visionless Pneuma
Rank: XIX
Power: Soul
più di un anno fa onix11 said…
Come and join organization XIII roleplay for some fun posting.
più di un anno fa Hikari_Selena said…
Name: Xalense
Sombody's name: Selena
Title: Singer of the Angels
Rank: XVI (16)
Power: Song
Eyes: baby pink with spirals for pupils
Hair: dirty Blonde but when she was a Somebody she bleached her hair and had pink and purple highlights in it
Personality: Almost a girl version of Demyx except she can fight and had a black belt in karate when she was whole she also kept her Heartless as a pet
Weakness(es): only one KNOWN one, exaustion
Weapon: depends on what type of fight shes in
più di un anno fa Hikari_Selena said…
oops! 4got her age hehe, same as her rank ~_^